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People constantly are forming opinions of you based on how you act, what you do, and how you behave at work. These impressions have a direct impact on how you are perceived. Perception management is vital to your professional success. If you don’t take control of how others see you, you will undermine both your career and your future success. People will form opinions about you without any input from you. You can’t leave the fate of your career in someone else’s hands.

Transforming Perceptions: 10 Steps to Managing the Way You Are Perceived at Work

Transforming Perceptions

Success at work starts with positive perceptions. If your boss and co-workers have a negative image of you, it’s a pretty good bet you won’t be getting a promotion anytime soon. That’s why it is so important to take charge of the way you are perceived in your organization. This 10-step perception transformation plan will show you how. I recommend trying to focus on one step each week for ten weeks.

Top 5 Ways to Assess Your Work Ethics on the Job

A few decades ago the traditional definition of having good work ethics meant being an honest, ethical, and trustworthy worker. Being a person of high integrity and having strong principles earned you the respect of your subordinates and the approval of your boss.

Work ethics in today’s corporate culture involves having strong moral values but also means showing up with a positive attitude, taking initiative, having positive relationships with your team, and not taking credit for their work. Demonstrating genuine work ethics at the office will help people perceive you in a positive light and propel you ahead in your career.

If you want to know how to build strong business work ethics, this article can help. Here are five tips to assess and strengthen your work ethics so that you will be perceived as a good employee and get the career advancement and job satisfaction you … Continue reading Top 5 Ways to Assess Your Work Ethics on the Job

Do I Dare Say Something? How to be Assertive at Work

Do I dare say something?

Do you freeze up every time you have to communicate your ideas to people in positions of power? Do you clam up at meetings because you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing?

We all have times when we’d prefer to be low key. But if this is a pattern is getting in the way of upward mobility, you need to take corrective action. You can shift your thinking from problem to opportunity if you follow these three steps.

Perception is Reality: 8 Steps for Changing How Others See You


James is an up-and-coming sales manager for a Fortune 500 company. He sees himself as outgoing, friendly, fast-moving — a real deal maker. Some of the people he works with, however — as well as some of his clients — see him as a fast-talking backslapper and a bit of a phony. Which perception is accurate? And why does it matter?

The “perception is reality” adage is most often applied to the way each of us sees our own environment. If we see the glass as half full, we will operate from that reality and the glass will always be at least half full. But what if we turn that adage inside out? What if the reality we’re experiencing is due in part to how others perceive us?

Carly Fiorina, former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, stated: “Leadership is a performance. You have to be conscious about your … Continue reading Perception is Reality: 8 Steps for Changing How Others See You