Qualities of a Good Boss

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Learn how you can acquire and use the seven hallmark qualities that all great bosses have.

Top executive coach Joel Garfinkle has coached hundreds of bosses to greatness. You could be the next one. No one is born with “boss” skills. You need to learn how to do it. Maybe you were promoted to boss status because you did a good job as an employee. But it’s going to take more than your good track record. With some effort and commitment on your part, you can become the boss your employees deserve and this book will show you how to do it.

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The Great Boss book is direct, hard-hitting, and filled with anecdotes, success stories, and how-to’s. You’ll learn how to empower your employees, how to train and motivate through feedback, how to create a positive workplace culture, and much more. Download How to Be a Great Boss now and become the leader you were meant to be.

People don’t quit their jobs because of bad pay. They quit because of bad bosses. Don’t let that happen to you. Joel Garfinkle shows how every boss can go from good to great by learning and implementing the seven key qualities of a good boss.

No matter where you are on the “Good Boss/Bad Boss” spectrum, there is always room for improvement, and Joel will show you how to get to the next level. First, look at these seven qualities that make a good boss. He or she:

  1. Empowers employees
  2. Provides growth opportunities
  3. Trains through feedback
  4. Makes the tough choices
  5. Gives thanks
  6. Creates a positive workplace culture
  7. Shows them the future

If these ideas resonate with you, here’s a brief sample to get you started.

A great boss empowers employees. In this first section, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Delegate responsibility, not just tasks
  2. Share the grand design with your team
  3. Trust your people to perform
  4. Stop micro-managing
  5. Provide clear communication
  6. Identify high-potential people
  7. Provide the freedom to fail

Each section provides you with a do-it-now challenge—three or four actions you can take immediately that will enhance your good boss qualities and put you on the great boss fast track.

Download the book and start today. Small changes, implemented consistently over time, will make a big difference. You are already on your way to being a great boss.