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Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

With the economy in flux, now more than ever, every aspiring leader needs to gain that competitive advantage. If you are not giving full value to your company, you may be replaced.

However, if you can give that extra value to the business you may find your position and compensation soaring. Simply working harder is not the answer. You’ll need to work more strategically. Take charge of your own talent development. Learn what skills and focus will lift you above your competition, and which will just drain your energy.

Stay Current on Your Skills. Developing leadership skills takes time and commitment. In addition, there are company specific skills you must have to do your job the very best. Be eager to master the required skills in both areas and then go beyond. If you learn the newest, cutting edge technologies or skill sets, you’ll become the go-to … Continue reading Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

There’s a talent war going on. One of the most precious resources for a company is the total of their human capital. As companies work to find and develop their talent, they need to expand to new places.

One place for businesses to put greater effort into is that of minority talent development. Many companies say they seek minority employees but can’t find qualified ones. When this priority becomes important enough, companies can create a rich diversity in their workers. They will find that diversity adds to the bottom line of the company as well.

Diversity enriches businesses as it:

Helps the company understand and respond to clients and customers from different backgrounds. Inspires creativity. Different cultures and ethnic traditions bring unique perspectives that invite new ways of problem solving and innovative thought.

What steps can a company take to increase their minority human capital? How can they recruit, … Continue reading Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Managing your talent may be one of the most profitable things a business can do. When companies skillfully promote talent with great succession planning, they retain all the costs of the experience and training they’ve put into their people.

To best make this happen, top companies hire expert consultants to focus and simplify their efforts. When planning an executive leadership development program, what credentials should companies look for in these consultants? What skills and attributes will produce the most cost-effective results?

Here are seven points to help you find the expert who can support and guide you in your talent management.

Experience. Moving from management to leadership doesn’t just happen. It takes skilled business leadership coaching to make this important transition smooth and successful. Trust your team to an executive coach who has experience in grooming and training managers to be leaders. Look at who they … Continue reading 7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Women in Leadership – Using Coaching to Take Charge of Growth

As women seek to close the gap between men and women in the C- suite, they need extra skills. An extra edge. Many women are looking beyond support their company may offer.

They see the value in mentors, in the in-house courses, and other training offered to them. But they also recognize that it isn’t enough. It has not succeeded in closing the gap.

More women are taking control of their own leadership growth. They are becoming leaders in their current positions and setting up their strategies to move into greater executive roles.

One of the most versatile training methods they are discovering is personal coaching. The cost of a coach becomes “cheap” as women find they advance more quickly. Here are five places a leadership coach can be markedly effective.

Early career growth. When women start out in the workforce, it’s helpful to find direction. A leadership … Continue reading Women in Leadership – Using Coaching to Take Charge of Growth

Executive leadership development program

You’re looking for a leadership development program and are prepared to part with your hard earned money for it. In exchange, you want viable skills that will immediately produce results.

As you examine the different choices you have for an executive leadership development program, keep these six key ingredients in mind. It may be that you will need a combination of scholastic and company specific training to master all of these key requirements.

Maintain a competitive advantage in a fast changing world.Training and developing employees demands a constant inflow of fresh ideas. The last thing you need in a leadership program is outdated ideas. There are some essential and evergreen ways of thinking and managing and there are fads and flash-in-the-pan theories that are promoted, then discarded when they fail. Make sure your program offers time-tested and fundamental strategies. And that they show you how to incorporate these … Continue reading Executive leadership development program

Articles on Leadership Skills

Sometimes you kind-of know or understand a principle. Sometimes you’re stumped. Smart executives turn to articles on leadership skills to answer questions and resolve problems.

Take a tour of the Garfinkle Executive Coaching site and check out all the free articles. They will boost your productivity and increase your leadership skills.

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6 Strategies to Building a Stronger Team focuses on building relationships. Learn six strategies that build strong teams and develop intrapersonal relationships between employees. These tactics work for relationships with your customers as well as your team members. Bring Your Work and Life Into Balance helps you cope with the relentless pressures of the modern work environment. Find new … Continue reading Articles on Leadership Skills