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Why do good people quit their jobs? According to a Gallup poll, bad bosses are at the top of the list. So what does it take to be a good boss? Check out the articles in this section to learn how you can become a better boss and keep your employees motivated and happy.

7 Essentials for Training & Developing Happy Employees

Use your training—both internal and external—to develop happy employees. These people are motivated and want to build up your company. When everyone is onboard working for the common good, great things happen.

So what steps can you take to develop these motivated, productive employees? One key lies with effective training. Here are seven ways you can train your employees for growth and productivity.

Train them in jobs they like. Transfer responsibilities from your worker that he or she finds boring, dull, or uninteresting. There are others for whom routine gives security. This frees up your worker to take on new and more interesting work. When your staff finds their jobs exciting and challenging, they will be happier and more productive. Give your employees room to develop more control. Help your employees self-manage. For some you can simply let them loose. Let them choose work time, break time, … Continue reading 7 Essentials for Training & Developing Happy Employees

Why Talent Development in Business Matters

Jack Welch said it best: “My main job was developing talent. I was a gardener providing water and other nourishment to our top 750 people. Of course, I had to pull out some weeds, too.”

Developing high potentials should be a top priority in any successful executive’s strategic plan. Writing in the journal, Leadership Excellence (May 2011), Louis Carter and Brian Fishel discuss talent development in business, based on the findings of their Talent Management Survey. Their research indicates that 82% of the companies surveyed had either a formal or an informal talent management program. How do you rate? Are you part of the 82%? Are your flowers flourishing? A good talent development program will accomplish three things: it will attract, grow, and retain top talent. Here are four action items that should be included in your plan.

Put people first. Of course your talent development and human capitalContinue reading Why Talent Development in Business Matters

Men and Women in Leadership – Helping Their Employees Succeed

As a manager, motivating and helping your employees succeed ought to be among your top priorities. You need to build a succession plan with a leadership bench that is broad, wide, and deep. The people in your work group need the leadership, direction and support that only you can provide. In this article, you’ll find seven proven strategies managers can use to help employees reach their full potential and be ready for the next move up the organizational ladder.

Employees who have gaps in their knowledge and skills aren’t able to do the job as well as managers need them to. American schools are training workers who are woefully unprepared for the jobs of America’s future. Not every worker needs to be a college graduate. Indeed, perhaps 30-40% of new jobs will require college degrees. However at least 89 percent will need some post-high school vocational training. … Continue reading Men and Women in Leadership – Helping Their Employees Succeed

Tip: How Managers Can Improve Employees Workplaces

It’s not easy keeping a smile on your face in today’s business environment. Employers are faced with laying off employees, cutting benefits, workplace perks like bottled water and birthday parties. Managers and employees alike are focused on survival. Enjoyment seems to have taken a back seat.

It’s easy to let the good times roll when business is booming. But when times are tough, it’s more important than ever to create a positive work environment.

According to a recent article in the Chicago Sun Times, even in a lackluster economy, there are numerous inexpensive ways to improve morale of your staff. Here are several tips from the experts at Winning Workplaces about how managers can improve the workplace for their employees.

Survey your employees. Successful employee retention and promotion begins with assessment. Get their feedback on existing programs and on what they think they need. Even more important, use an … Continue reading Tip: How Managers Can Improve Employees Workplaces