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Women in Leadership – Using Coaching to Take Charge of Growth

As women seek to close the gap between men and women in the C- suite, they need extra skills. An extra edge. Many women are looking beyond support their company may offer.

They see the value in mentors, in the in-house courses, and other training offered to them. But they also recognize that it isn’t enough. It has not succeeded in closing the gap.

More women are taking control of their own leadership growth. They are becoming leaders in their current positions and setting up their strategies to move into greater executive roles.

One of the most versatile training methods they are discovering is personal coaching. The cost of a coach becomes “cheap” as women find they advance more quickly. Here are five places a leadership coach can be markedly effective.

  1. Early career growth. When women start out in the workforce, it’s helpful to find direction. A leadership coach can assist with defining goals and qualifying them. They can offer assessments on strengths to build upon and on pitfalls to side-step.

Women avoid falling prey to office politics or miss-direction when they have a coach to assist them in integrating into the company.

  1. Stumbling Blocks. Each person carries baggage that may limit their upward growth. There may be innate personality traits that make it hard to promote oneself, stand up for oneself, or seek success. Women may self-sabotage or allow others to take advantage. Sometimes they don’t even realize the problem.

A leadership coach offers a neutral vision. They can see more clearly and honestly. Coaches can help women stretch, change, and free themselves to grow into the leaders they want to be.

  1. Mid-career Growth. Women in business for a while grow to a point of competence. They become respected and learn to work within the system. They become comfortable.

A leadership coach can shake that comfort and encourage fresh growth. They can assist in new goal setting and charting the course to the next step. Executive coaches can groom women for top tier leadership.

  1. Leadership Edge. As women get closer to the top, there is more competition and more resistance. Skill sets must be honed fine. The traits that grew women to this point may not be the skills needed for top leadership.

An executive coach can guide women to change from hands-on to big picture. They can work with mind-sets and thought processes to make people valuable to their company and the natural choice for the top slot.

  1. Top Leadership Support. Women in top leadership positions find few people they can trust to assess their leadership. Are they in balance? Are they keeping up, delegating, overseeing, and managing in the best possible way?

An executive coach can give unbiased feedback. Since they are outside the system, their full loyalty is to their client. They can mine cutting edge methods and information and feed it to their client so they keep in top form.

Whether you are a woman starting out in leadership or well advanced on the way, leadership or executive coaching can smooth the path, shorten the learning curve, and advance your career.