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Leadership Development Articles

Leadership growth is not a one-time event.  Rather, great leaders continuously nurture their development.  Some have coaches or mentors.  Others take courses and classes. When you start off, begin with low-cost ways to boost your leadership development through books, articles, and quotes.


While it may cost a small fortune to attend a seminar with a brilliant leadership development expert or to have one-on-one coaching with him or her, you can purchase his or her book for a few dollars.

In the expert’s book, you’ll find their greatest insights distilled just for your edification. What’s more, the book can be read over and over.  Each time you read it, you’ll gain further insights into skills and techniques you can use to advance your abilities as a leader. Underline, make notes in the columns.

Some excellent books to start with include:

  • Getting Ahead, by Joel Garfinkle. Make sure you are not overlooked as you learn to leverage and apply perception, visibility, and influence.  Master the ability to create the right image, exert influence, and become a valuable and noticed employee.
  • Executive Presence, by Joel Garfinkle.  Use these 16 characteristics to speed your climb up the corporate ladder. You’ll become influential and develop the mindset, behaviors, and habits of successful executives.
  • Time Management Mastery, by Joel Garfinkle.  Leadership development requires an understanding and master of time management. Use this book to refine your skills.


Each leadership development article moves you closer to your goals. Make a plan to read one article each morning and then focus on strengthening that skill during the day.

Start with these leadership articles:

  • What Great Leaders Do. Learn how star employees handle advancement to a leadership role.
  • Five Ways to Excel as a Leader.  Avoid the 7 common traits of failure and learn the 5 effective ways to excel.
  • 10 Ways to Become a Powerful Leader at Work.  Follow these simple steps to grow your leadership skills.
  • Top Ten Leadership Styles—What’s Your Style?  Learn how to find the leadership style that fits with your strengths and personality.
  • Top 7 Most Common Mistakes That Managers Make. Develop more powerful leadership influence as you avoid these all-to-common mistakes.
  • Top 5 Personality Development Techniques to be a Better Leader. Follow these recommendations on personality development to increase your leadership presence and effectiveness.

When you are too busy to read that book or article on leadership development, take a moment to read a quote.  There are powerful quotes that can change lives.  You can search the web for great quotes on leadership, but there’s a better, more personal way to uncover them.

As you read your books and articles, make notes.  Pull out the quotes that resonate with you.  Then put them on note cards and place them where you will see them. It will remind you to implement these influential quotes.

When you consciously put these leadership ideas and principles in the forefront of your mind, you will prepare your thoughts and your skill sets to take you to that next level.

When a good leadership development article or book is not sufficient to take you where you want to be, contact Joel.  He can offer individualized attention to master the skills to rise.