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3 Free Motivational Books to Help You Succeed

Motivational books offer numerous benefits. Motivational books build your level of confidence, both personally and professionally. They increase your belief in yourself, as well as what you expect from yourself and your life. Motivational books help you unleash the creativity bottled inside of you, give you strategic guidance and practical wisdom, and improve your ability to motivate others. In the end, motivational books give you a competitive advantage that helps you succeed. Here are three free motivational books that will inspire and educate you, propelling you forward on the path of success.

41 Proven Strategies to Get Promoted Now!

In 41 Proven Strategies to Get Promoted Now!, you’ll receive practical advice on methods for moving your career forward — not next year, not in five years, but now! You’ll learn strategies for a variety of promotion strategies, from overcoming resistance in others to how to ask for a promotion. Between the pages of this free eBook, you’ll learn the strategies top executives have used to put their career on the fast track and ensure they received the promotion they worked so hard to earn. Getting this free motivational book is easy! Simply subscribe to the Fulfillment@Work Executive Coaching Newsletter. You’ll not only receive this career-changing book, but also a weekly newsletter filled with information on getting ahead, in-depth profiles of top business leaders, and articles on a variety of career-related topics. Sign up today and leapfrog over your peers up the corporate ladder!


28 Ways to Network Into a Job!

Today’s job market is tough. You need to use all of the tools at your disposal to get the best job possible. Joel Garfinkle’s new free eBook, 28 Ways to Network into a Job!, teaches you more than two dozen ways to use the power of networking to help you land your next career opportunity. This free motivational book begins with the basics of what is networking and why it’s important and then progresses to actionable advice like identifying your target companies, how to network with recruiters, and how to avoid disappointment when networking. You’ll even learn how to get those highly coveted unadvertised jobs. 28 Ways to Network into a Job! will help you succeed in your job search! Garfinkle gives you daily action steps you can implement today to get started. He even discusses how to network AFTER you’ve landed your job and why this networking after a job is so important. Download 28 Ways to Network into a Job! right now and get started networking into your new job!

Free Sample Chapter of Getting Ahead

In Joel Garfinkle’s Getting Ahead, you’ll learn about the PVI model–Perception, Visibility and Influence. As an executive coach, Garfinkle notes that these are three components that are critical to your success. In the free sample chapters of this motivational book, you get practical advice with action-oriented tips you can apply to your life. Getting Ahead teaches you how to improve how others perceive you inside and outside of your organization, how to get noticed for the hard work you do, and how to become an influential force that people will want to follow. You’ll learn the skills successful people use to move their careers forward while other co-workers’ careers seem to have stalled. Check out the free sample chapter of Getting Ahead right now and start maximizing your career and job advancement!