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People who rely on the authority of their position to get things done are missing a key ingredient of leadership: influence. Joel’s leadership coaching adds that key ingredient and shows your company’s leaders how to use their influence to excel.

People who lead with influence are high-impact leaders who produce game-changing results. They move their organizations forward. They take action and produce powerful results. They create and use high visibility to extend their influence and make an impact. Influential leaders inspire others to execute and accomplish a significant amount, without needing to use their power or authority.

People who already have authority need to add influence instead of relying solely on power to accomplish what they want. When you depend too much on your established authority you minimize your ability to gain commitment and cause change among the people you’re trying to influence.

Podcast Interview – 3 Ways to Increase Your Influence. In this podcast interview, Joel Garfinkle discusses what influence is all about and simple, actionable ways that you can increase yours.

Joel helped me learn how to enhance my leadership potential and be recognized by top management for the value I bring to the organization.

Debra Waggoner, Director, Global Government Affairs,Corning Incorporated

Show Employees How to Lead with Influence

6 to 12 Month Leadership Executive Coaching Program

Joel’s leadership coaching program helps organizations develop influential leaders. These are the elite performers who influence outcomes, contribute to major decisions, and drive change for the betterment of the company. When you equip these employees with the right capabilities, they will lead and influence better than anyone else.

You can create a culture of influential leaders through Joel’s customized leadership coaching program. Integrating leadership coaching into the development of your top-producing performers will provide long-term success in lowered turnover and a more engaged workforce.

Develop high-impact leaders who produce game-changing results. Contact Joel for leadership and executive coaching today.

Four-Steps to Become an Influential Leader

Influential leadership occurs when you have the power to alter or change a situation. It could mean swaying just one other person or a large group, undertaking a major project, or creating new initiatives. In short, you influence the outcome of something by improving it, and you make important decisions that have impact.

Four-Steps to Become an Influential Leader

Evaluate your current leadership influence ability.

Do people go to you when they need to get something done? Do they respect your ideas and seek your advice? Find your level of influence readiness with this 10-point self-assessment.

Start where you are today. Evaluate your current level of influence and use the tools Joel provides with his leadership executive coaching program to dramatically expand your influence as leader in your company. Hire Joel