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What is executive presence? Do you have it? If you don’t, how can you get it? You can’t realize your full potential as a leader without executive presence. But the good news is that executive presence can be learned. Coaching for executive presence is at the core of Joel’s coaching services. If you already have it, you can begin to leverage it to move ahead. And if you don’t have it, you can learn how to get it.

I contacted Joel to help increase my confidence and visibility. He helped me identify barriers that kept me in the background and we developed a plan to overcome them. I now speak up more at meetings, work on high profile projects and have just completed an article for publication.

Cecilia Willer, Partner Business Manager,Hewlett-Packard

Podcast Interview – How to Develop an Executive Presence.(Click HERE for mp3 file) In this 21-minute Business of People and Leadership Podcast interview, Joel reveals the five key characteristics of executive presence.

It’s a story common to companies large and small, private and public: the firm employs two individuals who are equally talented. However, over time, one person prospers while the other stagnates. The former becomes a key player in the organization’s future, while the latter never becomes a company leader.

Why does this happen? Because the successful employee (the one who prospers in his or her job) is not only talented – he or she is also highly skilled at creating impact, exercising influence and consistently providing value. All organizations draw their future executives from these individuals.

How does an employee become part of this desirable talent pool? By identifying and increasing their leadership presence to ensure that they know how to advance through the levels of management with increasing success.

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What is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is a person’s ability to win the confidence of those around them. Someone with executive presence possesses a professional magnetism that influences others. These people are admired for exemplary leadership and respected as an authority. Because they have executive presence their colleagues, subordinates and superiors rely on their strength and wisdom.

In the BusinessWeek article “She’s Gotta Have ‘It'”, Michelle Conlin says, “When leaders with executive presence speak, people listen–because the talk is filled with conviction instead of equivocation. They inspire that I’ll-follow-you-anywhere loyalty, conveying an aura of warmth and authenticity to everybody from the receptionist to the CEO.”

Employees with executive presence transform self-doubt and uncertainty into self-assurance, energy and the conviction they need to successfully navigate the corporate landscape and advance up the corporate ladder. When a leader with executive presence speaks, people listen, feel inspired and know that person has command of the room. Their powerful leadership presence is clear.

A leader with executive presence is a compelling force inside the organization. They don’t rely on authority or title, but rather on their influence to shape and positively affect outcomes.

Joel’s highly acclaimed book, Executive Presence, is the perfect companion tool to his top-notch executive presence coaching. Participants can continue to grow their leadership presence when they have a copy to use as their personal guide to success.

Executive Presence Book

How Leaders Can Develop Executive Presence

6-12 Month Executive Coaching Program

This executive presence coaching program will strengthen an employee’s leadership abilities and boost their confidence. It will help them gain increased trust and respect from top executives. They will increase their authority and the likelihood of receiving high-profile projects.

This executive coaching program is ideal for individuals who are newly promoted and want to strengthen their leadership styles, as well as for those already in leadership positions where enhanced executive presence and an inspirational leadership style are essential.

The higher you go in your company, the more you need executive presence. Executive presence is essential for any manager who wants to move up in the organization. Yes, you can still do a good job without executive presence. But how much farther could you go by becoming a truly influential leader?

The executive presence coaching program focuses on five business characteristics that are the keys to sustaining executive presence.

  1. business intelligence
  2. interpersonal relationships
  3. performance improvement
  4. self-development
  5. risk-taking

The Executive Presence Model

The Executive Presence Model has 16 behaviors that fall into five categories.

Executive Presence Model

Hire Joel for personal and executive coaching. He can show you how to start growing your executive presence today.