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Growing Leaders to the Next Level

Would you like to kick your career into high gear? Or maybe you feel you’ve hit a plateau. If so, now is the time to take it to the next level. You can make your move with Joel’s signature PVI model—Perception, Visibility, and Influence. Mastering these three critical skills will accelerate any leader’s career progression, helping you to advance one or even two levels at a time. Implementing the three powerful PVI attributes produces valued and valuable employees, in-demand leaders capable of influencing decisions at every level of the organization.

Professionals who apply the PVI model make things happen and so will you. You’ll move your organization forward by taking action and producing powerful results. You’ll use your visibility to extend your influence and effect change. PVI people inspire others to execute and deliver, regardless of their position or authority level.

PVI Model

Your Ticket to the Next Level

6-12 Month Program for Career Advancement

Career success sometimes depend upon the image your superiors, and even colleagues, have of you. The PVI executive coaching program will teach employees how to improve the perceptions others have of them, boost their profile across the organization, and exert influence by driving change and inspiring people. This program removes obstacles that limit advancement and provides a clear path to the next level.

PVI-trained employees will positively affect their organization’s bottom line through increased productivity, enhanced communication, and a steady flow of creative contributions. Organizations that leverage the PVI model will empower employees to become the most effective and influential leaders possible.

After almost two decades building a successful career at a high profile investment bank, I realized that I needed help to get to the next level. I have already seen the benefits in my leadership skills and promotion prospects.

Angela Osborne, Executive Director,Morgan Stanley

The PVI Model is a Competitive Advantage Tool

The PVI model can be an employee’s guiding light throughout their entire career, allowing them to maximize their potential and realize their professional greatness. An employee who applies the PVI model gains the competitive edge necessary to excel in today’s intense business environment. PVI people become recognized as extremely capable, credible and highly respected by upper management. They advance more quickly and achieve the promotions they deserve. They make a substantial impact and gain extraordinary success for themselves and the company.

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Improving your Perception
You will create the right image of yourself by taking control of how others see you. Their perception of you will accurately reflect your impact on the organization.

Your “value-quotient” to the organization rises in direct proportion to how effectively you create an accurate perception of your abilities among colleagues, supervisors and top management.

Increasing your Visibility
You will increase your profile across the organization and among higher levels of management by standing out and getting noticed.

Visibility means you will get noticed, gain recognition and advance within your firm. Visibility is the key to increasing your exposure and becoming known as a valued leader. Paired with perception, visibility is one of the pillars that supports your ability to influence others. Without perception and visibility, influence is impossible.

Exerting your Influence
Now you have impact and can leverage your power to influence and improve situations, regardless of your position or level of authority.

Once you have improved your perception and increased your visibility, you are ready to develop and use your influence. With influence comes impact. Your ability to change situations grows as you expand your influence. As an influential leader, you move the needle forward with your team and your organization. Your significant impact on the company is known.

Your Advancement is Determined by Their Perception

If you focus exclusively on merit and hard work as foundations for your advancement, you’ll probably never achieve your full potential. Unfortunately, merit and skill alone will not propel your career; job advancement is determined by the perception you create. Career advancement coaching helps you create the right perception, leading directly to the promotions you deserve. Now you are visible to the people who have the power to influence your career. You are creating impact, developing relationships with top executives and positioning yourself for political advantage. The more people recognize the value you provide, the better chance you have of influencing your own advancement and making a meaningful contribution to your employer.

The Next Level Requires Different Skills than What Got You Here

As you advance in your profession, you’ll need to call upon a new set of skills to take you where you want to go. The skills and mindset that helped you get established early in your career is different from the skills and mindset necessary to succeed as an executive. You may have the characteristics of a great individual contributor but that will not translate to being an effective strategic manager. In fact, it may actually get in the way.

If you have been newly-promoted at your job, career advancement coaching will provide the guidance you need to succeed in your new role.

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