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Many people fail within the first 90 days of a new job or promotion because they do not yet possess the skills and experience needed to thrive at that level. Read the following article and learn how to avoid this obstacle and set yourself up for future success.

6 Steps for New Job Success

You’ve finally landed that dream job and you’re feeling terrific, right? Well, maybe not so much. Starting a new job can lead to all kinds of stress and anxiety. Will your new co-workers like you? Will you like them? Did you oversell yourself? Will you be able to do what you said you could do? You need a plan. If you go to work on Day One with a specific strategy in mind, you will greatly improve your chances of success.

See this job as an opportunity. Design a professional brand for yourself and then “act as if” you are that brand. Decide how you want your co-workers to see you. Words like positive, proactive, and creative come to mind. Your self-confidence will grow as you settle into the new environment. Treat this experience as a great adventure. Here are the 6 Steps for New Job Success.

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Reduce Employee Turnover

High Employee turnover will dramatically impact the bottom line of your company.

Add up the cost of temp staff, severance packages, unemployment benefits, advertising, recruiting and lost productivity. You’ll see it can cost from150%- 250% of the total compensation for each employee turnover.

Here are five steps to take to keep your worker retention optimal.

Hire Top Talent. Take the time, effort, and money to hire the best employee you can afford.  Excellent employees add much greater value to the company than an average worker.In the hiring process, be transparent about who you are, how you act, what you do.  Surprises aren’t good.  It’s much better for your new hire to know he’s expected to be in phone contact 24/7 in advance, than after he takes the job. One of the major causes of turnover in the first 90 days is the job not being what the worker … Continue reading Reduce Employee Turnover