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Building strong intrapersonal relationships within your team creates a work environment that is more conducive to working together and getting things done. These articles show you how to develop and manage strong teams. You’ll learn how to foster teamwork, create more team engagement and improve communication between employees.

3 Strategies to Build a Team of Relationships

Most C-level executives and top management leaders know that establishing positive relationships with colleagues and building strong teams is necessary to improve work productivity levels and increase profits. Some common management approaches to building a team of relationships include attending team building workshops and hosting corporate events, outings, and parties to encourage camaraderie. Managers often send employees to personal growth seminars in the hopes that they will become better team players.

Although all of the above approaches work to a certain level, smart executives know that the best kind of team building is that which happens every day in the regular work environment.

For example, when Hewlett Packard just started out, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard formulated a system to manage their staff by a method they called “management by walking around.” Each week they would get away from their computers and walk around the office and have … Continue reading 3 Strategies to Build a Team of Relationships

6 Strategies to Building a Stronger Team

In business, the main focus is often on the bottom line, and things like relationships get pushed to the back burner. But relationships are important in business, whether you are talking about relationships with your customers, your team members, or even yourself. By putting strategies in place to improve team building and intrapersonal relationships at work, you’ll not only enjoy a happier, healthier workplace but you might just see a positive impact on the bottom line as well. Here are six strategies to help you build stronger team and intrapersonal relationships among your employees.

Do you want to build a stronger team?

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Set clear expectations. Are you trying to establish an overall environment … Continue reading 6 Strategies to Building a Stronger Team

Lessons on Teamwork from Really Bad Team Members


The best managers understand that effective leaders are also solid team players. The workplace is filled with capable teammates — even some who take initiative, overdeliver and inspire colleagues. Unfortunately, there’s also the occasional employee who has no idea how to collaborate or communicate effectively. Such poor performers aren’t entirely useless, though. They offer some of the most poignant lessons on teamwork and leadership.

Here are seven things failing team members do — and what you can learn from them.