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Are you lonely at the top? Leadership responsibilities in the c-level ranks can leave a manager feeling pretty isolated. Many top managers recognize that to advance their own personal and corporate development, they need to collaborate with a skilled advisor. Leadership executive coaching is a tool that can accelerate your growth, enhance your effectiveness, and provide you with the personal support you need to achieve the goals you’ve set.

A professional coach will guide you as a leader to hone your big-picture thinking and focus on actions that produce results. Leadership coaching is based on a relationship of mutual trust between the coach and the executive, so that you create an environment where you can question assumptions, create alternatives, and broaden your perspective. Here are three important outcomes you should expect to achieve from your leadership coaching relationship:

  • You’ll be ready for increased responsibilities
  • You’ll make more informed decisions
  • You’ll unleash your creative problem solving skills
  1. You’ll be ready for increased responsibilities. It’s easy to get comfortable in the comfort zone, isn’t it? Sometimes c-level managers get to where they are without ever having made the conscious choice to seek a leadership role. Maybe you’re concerned that becoming a highly visible leader offers risks and tradeoffs that you might not be ready for. But now you’re on the threshold and the choice is yours. It’s time to accept, and even seek out, new challenges. The coaching relationship will provide you with a new perspective. It’s an objective sounding board you can use to clear the air when everyone around you is pushing their own agenda. You’ll learn to know yourself better, understand your motivations, and use these new understandings as tools to successfully take on what’s next.
  1. You’ll make more informed decisions. As a leader, you need to initiate change and make decisions constantly, and often with insufficient or inaccurate information. Delay can be deadly, and decisiveness may be more important than finding the perfect answer. The decisions you make affect people’s careers as well as the company’s financial performance and public image. When faced with these decisions you may feel like hiding out rather than taking a stand in order to avoid being confronted by those who are affected. A leadership coach can guide you through these tough decisions by helping you explore your options. You’ll learn to consider a variety of alternatives and to listen to input from others without making immediate commitments.
  1. You’ll unleash your creative problem solving skills. Real leaders solve problems by bridging the gap between the way things are and the way they need to be. Sometimes you may find yourself tempted to ignore a problem and hope it will disappear. Or you may tend to blame others, or to expect someone else to come to the rescue. There is a better way, and working with a leadership coach is how many executives develop their problem-solving skills. You begin by defining the problem. Is it really what you think it is? Then you look at existing alternatives and perhaps develop some new ones. You narrow down your choices, and you move on the best one. Once your solution is implemented, your coach will help you evaluate its effectiveness and make corrections if necessary.

Life at the top is full of possibility. A good support system, including an executive coach, will show you how to take on the challenges you’ll face and succeed.