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Keep Your Employees Happy

If you’re a manager or supervisor, it’s your job to make sure your staff not only gets the work done, but finds fulfillment in their jobs. If you don’t, you’ll spend a lot more time than necessary in the hiring and training cycle because unfulfilled employees don’t tend to stick around. Start by busting a common myth. It’s not about the money. Rather, it’s about employee motivation and retention in a number of non-monetary ways.

While keeping employees happy may sometimes seem like “mission impossible”, following a few guidelines will help most of your employees feel good about the time they spend at work. Training and developing employees is the first step toward creating happy employees. In addition, this week’s Fulfillment Tips offers four additional simple ways to give employees more reasons to stay on the job than to leave it.

If you’re an employee, let management know what you want. Start with this list, then customize it for your specific needs. You spend a lot of time at work – you deserve to be fulfilled by it.

  1. Recognize Your Staff If you don’t appreciate your staff, they will leave. The U.S. Department of Labor says that the number one reason people leave their jobs is because they “don’t feel appreciated.” Most people receive very little workplace recognition in a given year so it’s vital that you recognize and reward your employees for their efforts at work. A good employee retention strategy includes both monetary and non-monetary rewards.
  2. You Are a Model for Your Staff – Act That Way Act in manner that models the type of behavior you want from your staff. You are setting an example of what it’s like to be a leader in today’s business world. Your character, integrity, work ethic, and overall holistic view of how you do your work (and live your life) are being watched by the people who work for you.
  3. Working in Teams The success of a project requires people working well together. This can be achieved when you trust each member on the team and know they are working towards doing their very best. You want them to produce outstanding work and be committed to operating at the highest standard possible.
  4. What’s Your Definition of Success for Your Employees? Define success by making it clear for employees what constitutes success and how they should measure their achievements. The definition of success might be very different for each employee, so it’s important to customize to each individual. Your staff’s definition of success might include making more money, learning and growing on the job, making a difference, having a work/life balance, feeling fulfilled through work, and/or doing work that aligns with their talents.