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The Importance of Updating Your Resume to Ask for a Promotion

Are you looking to get to the next level in your organization? Have you tried for a promotion before, but failed to get it? You might have excellent skills and many years of working experience on the table, but you just can’t seem to get that highly-coveted promotion. Here’s why updating your resume prior to asking for a promotion is absolutely critical.

Just because you’re working at the company where you want to get promoted does NOT mean you hand over a mediocre resume, especially if you’re really serious about the promotion. By following a few simple steps in updating your resume, you’ll gain that much-needed promotion you’ve had your eye on.

When you start updating your resume keep one thing in mind: You are writing your resume for your next job, not for the job you currently have.

To reiterate, you MUST position yourself for the job you’re applying to. Keep in mind that a recruiter wants to hire someone with skills that closely fit the job profile. Make a dedicated effort to match your skills and work experience with what your organization is looking for.

Here Are 3 Proven Ways To Take Your Resume From Average To Awesome:

  1. Talk about specifics. Realize that the recruiter in charge might not be from the same department as you so he/she might not really have any idea about your skills and accomplishments. This means you need to mention specifics and get on the same page with him/her. Mention a mix of small and large accounts you handle and recognizable figures in the company that you work with. Demonstrate that you deal with some of the company’s highly-regarded clientele.
  2. Let the numbers do the talking. Recruiters like to see numbers. Using actual figures in your resume really makes a big difference in making yours stand out from the clutter of resumes from other candidates. Use key specifics like:- Mentoring over 500 company employees and 70 international channel partners- Generating over $60,000 every month in corporate revenue.

    Get the idea?

  3. Don’t pitch, show results. Highlight the fact that you’re an all-rounder. From developing a new marketing strategy to increasing sales figures and generating interest in a company service, put it all in your resume. You want to make sure that anybody who reads your resume knows you’re the go-to person in the organization and are a deserving, skilled professional, capable of getting the job done.

Remember that updating your resume to ask for a promotion does NOT have to be hard. Armed with a few key elements to perk up your current resume, before you know it, you might just find yourself sitting in the boardroom with your senior colleagues!