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Six Ways to Enjoy Work More

Are you working more and enjoying it less? A job is a bit like falling in love. At first it’s all champagne and flowers. It’s fun, interesting, filled with new challenges that make your heart beat faster. But then the new wears off, and the thrill is gone.

Most people come to work not just because they need a job — they really want to work. Beyond the money, we expect satisfaction out of our work today. We want to contribute. We want to learn new skills, to grow professionally. And we want to feel that we’re part of a successful organization that is making a difference in the world. These are the things that keep us coming back through the door every morning.

If you have begun to view your work as drudgery instead of a joyful experience, look for ways to change your focus and create your own job satisfaction. You can recapture the first love feeling of the early months and here are six ways to begin:

  1. Appreciate a co-worker: Think of a co-worker (boss, manager, employee, mentor, co-worker) and schedule a meeting where you can spend the entire time showing them all the appreciation you have for him or her.
  2. Slow down: Slow down and enjoy the work you are doing right now. Don’t rush just to finish the work, but enjoy the process so the journey of work becomes wonderful.
  3. Be grateful for eight minutes: Spend just eight minutes of your day increasing your awareness of the gratefulness you have at work. You can do this exercise in the morning before your day begins OR at lunch OR at the end of your day.
  4. Ask for positive feedback: Ask for positive feedback on your performance within your current project or overall job. You don’t have to wait for your yearly review to get positive feedback on the work you are doing well. Make sure the person giving the feedback will address only the positive and not the areas for improvement.
  5. Pick the most enjoyable activity: Make a list of all the activities you need to complete today. Rather than picking the most productive or the one you “should” do, choose the one you really want to do.
  6. Create an enjoyable project to work on: Think of a project you would enjoy working on and propose this to your employer. Explain the benefits to the company of their support for this project. Besides impressing your boss with your ingenuity, you will be turning your current job into a dream job.