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How to Eliminate Stress from Your Life

According to a survey by Workplace Options, a Raleigh, NC, consulting firm, 65 percent of workers describe their jobs as somewhat or very stressful. The way to eliminate stress from your life is to set boundaries.

It’s been said that people pay more attention to balancing their checkbooks than they do balancing their lives. In today’s crazy, helter-skelter economy, it’s no wonder so many of today’s workers feel their lives are “overdrawn.” But you can restore sanity and balance to your life the same way you get your financial house in order. The key is setting boundaries. Like setting limits to control personal spending, you establish limits on how you budget your time.

For example, you might promise yourself that you’ll leave work every day no later than 6 p.m. Or vow to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes for lunch each day, away from your desk. Boundaries are commitments you make around the things that are important, standards you want to live by, ideals you want for yourself and rules that protect you to live the life you want.


Here are some other ways boundaries can help you gain control of your work so you eliminate stress from your life:

  1. Limit your office-related cell phone or email use after hours or on weekends. Return calls or emails when you’re back at work.
  2. Agree with coworkers you won’t talk about business during lunch, breaks or after-hours social events.
  3. Don’t take your computer, pager or cell phone on vacation.
  4. Establish an “interruption-free-zone” during your work day where you close your door to visitors, don’t answer phone calls or emails.
  5. Learn to say “no.” Use your job description as a way to filter out assignments that should be done by others.
  6. Establish priorities and use them as a template for spending your time, delegating projects to others or not doing them at all.
  7. Recognize what is most important in your life and make time for it. Some common important items that you might be missing or wanting more of might be time off, vacations, exercise and time with family and friends.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Know your limitations and if you sense you’re reaching the edge, talk to your supervisor or colleagues

Make gaining control of your work and life a priority so you can eliminate stress from your life. Set boundaries, commit to them and fiercely protect them.

Remember, it’s your life that’s in the balance!