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Develop Effective Leaders and Motivate Employees with Executive Coaching Services

Leaders of today—and tomorrow—will move ahead farther and faster with Career advancement coaching. Whether you are a rising star who wants to excel or a leader who wants to motivate employees to succeed, Career Advancement Coaching and the PVI model provide the framework for success.

  • Future company leaders Top managers are constantly on the lookout for fast-rising, high-potential employees. These are the future stars—the organization’s emerging leaders. Talented employees at every level need someone in upper management to recognize their potential and mentor them as they develop effective leadership behaviors. Upper-management employees who use the PVI model to cultivate and train their leaders will ensure the company’s continued success.
  • Minority and women employees As the number of minority employees within the company grows, management needs to reflect a similar level of diversity. A highly diversified management team is necessary to meet the company’s needs. For example, women have been absent from leadership roles for decades. Now organizations are seeing women as a vital ingredient for future success. All minorities need a competitive advantage. PVI provides the tools people need to compete and succeed.
  • Managers developing their employees The PVI Model is an ideal tool for managers who want to grow their employees. Men and women in business leadership need to focus on all three PVI components, with perception and visibility being the most critical. Your staff members want to make the right impression. They need advocates who are willing to tout their accomplishments and promote their value to the company. PVI will help employees reveal themselves as effective players. Once they gain visibility, they can start to influence outcomes and compel others to see them as vital components of future management. Employees who fully leverage PVI become more valuable to the company as their level of production and overall contributions enhance bottom-line performance.
  • C-level (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CMO, etc.) leaders developing their employees Today, one employee can revolutionize a company or, for that matter, one start-up can revolutionize an entire industry. Employers must recognize hidden talent within their organizations, unlock that talent, and make it more visible. Otherwise, the company will underperform. Top executives owe it to themselves to invest in building these skills and creating a culture where people are challenged to lead and are rewarded when they do. When employees build their perception, visibility, and influence, they are not just helping themselves; they are benefiting the entire company.

Motivation is the key to attracting and retaining good people. Career advancement coaching provides employees with the tools they need to create job satisfaction, a winning combination for both the company and its men and women in business leadership roles.

Joel helped me identify and draw parameters between work and life, as well as maintain a balance during intense situations. I now have greater focus, clarity and purpose in my work.

Lynne Faulks, Manager, Legislative Relations,California Teacher's Association


How do you keep valued employees from leaving? Motivate them to stay!

The best employees, top performers, and highly valued leaders need to feel that the company is committed to them, cares about them. They want to feel valued and appreciated, to be shown a high level of commitment to their growth and development.

The number one way to keep your highly talented employees from leaving is to provide appropriate and timely promotions and the tools that will take them to the next level.

What do employees most want from their jobs? Career advancement opportunities

Employees want opportunities to move up the ladder, to take their careers to the next level. They want to constantly grow and sustain their successful careers and to continue their advancement into ever higher leadership positions.

What motivates employees?

The top employees at your company thrive when you provide career advancement opportunities. Here are three key components to motivate your employees.

What motivates highly-valued employees

  1. Being engaged at work. Engaged employees are fully involved in their jobs, immersed in what they do. They work harder and are more committed to the company. They believe in what they do and want to make an impact on the company’s future success. They constantly seek new challenges.
  2. Applying talents more fully. Every work day men and women in business leadership make full use of their abilities. They leverage their gifts to feel more aligned with their work and to realize their full potential. Learning occurs when their skills, knowledge and experience continue to expand.
  3. Visualizing future opportunities. You can provide consistent advancement and growth opportunities. Employees need to see a clear path to the next level. When employees know how to grow their careers, they take on increased responsibility and become more valuable.

In addition to the above ways to motivate employees, achievement awards celebrating and honoring the individual excellence of valuable employees brings healthy competition to your team and recognizes business men and women for succeeding in leadership roles.

Why you need to prioritize career advancement

When no opportunities for advancement exist, your highly talented leaders will go elsewhere. Don’t lose your highly-skilled employees. The negative financial impact of replacing an employee is enormous, especially when it’s your most valuable talent. Find opportunities to motivate employees, ensuring they are engaged, challenged, and used to their full potential.

Career advancement coaching is a smart investment of your time and money. See how Joel can help you develop effective leaders in your company and positively impact your bottom-line.

Whether you are implementing achievement awards that celebrate and honor the individual excellence of valuable employees or creating more opportunities for advancement within your organization, Joel will help you establish a game-plan for discovering and retaining top talent.

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