Motivate Your Employees

Give Them the Tools they Need to Succeed
What better way to motivate employees than by giving them a step-by-step plan to stand out, get noticed, and advance quickly in their jobs? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you put the tools and models from Joel’s book, Getting Ahead, to work for you and your team. Download them, share them, and use them. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to see an increase in production and employee motivation when you incorporate the concepts of perception, visibility, and influence into your work environment. Now take it one step further. Once you’ve shared the Getting Ahead concepts, bring in consulting talent management to work one-on-one with key employees as they learn how to implement these ideas for greater personal effectiveness.

Getting Ahead Tools and Models for Motivating Employees:
Three-Step Promotion Plan
Seven Ways to Gain Visibility
The PVI Model
How to Track Value to the Organization
Five Ways to Be Influential


For You
Download the reference tools and post them near your desk as a daily reminder. You’ll find that the path to Getting Ahead is easier — and quicker — than you think. You’ll gain a competitive edge by improving how others perceive you and you’ll start building better business relationships as you apply the principles contained in these attractive, easy-to-read reminders.

For Your Team
Share the key concepts from Getting Ahead with others on your team to increase employee motivation. E-mail or print out these useful reference tools so your team members can benefit by learning to improve perception, increase visibility, and exert influence—and by learning how to ask for a promotion in the manner that will lead to career advancement. Remember, employees who fully leverage the PVI model become more valuable to the company as they strengthen their business relationships, increase their level of production, and enhance the company’s bottom-line performance with their overall contributions.

For Your Colleagues
Who else do you know who could benefit from the tools and models in Getting Ahead? Share them with your boss, co-workers, friends, and contacts at other companies. You’ll build a team of relationships by looking out for the interests of others and giving them the tools they need to advance in their careers.

Three-Step Promotion Plan

Download the Model

Self-promotion is essential if you want to advance in your career. If you want to get ahead, you need to make sure others are aware of the value you bring to the organization. This benefits the company as well because your talents and skills will be more fully utilized to the benefit of the organization. When you follow the steps in the three-step promotion plan, you will also establish better business relationships by promoting others while promoting yourself. Here are the three steps in the three-step promotion plan:

  1. Self-promotion You need to promote yourself so that others will be aware of what you do and how you positively impact the organization’s bottom line.
  2. Promote others Promote yourself by promoting others. When you go out of your way to praise and acknowledge others, they can’t help but notice you.
  3. Others promote you Getting other people to say good things about you has more impact than saying them yourself. This is a powerful way to increase your visibility and perceived value.

Seven Ways to Gain Visibility

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Employees will learn seven strategies for getting noticed at work so that when they are ready to ask for a promotion, they will stand out above the competition. Here are the seven ways to gain visibility.

  • Seek out projects
  • Leverage your manager
  • Gain face time with top executives
  • Find cross-departmental opportunities
  • Become involved outside your job
  • Speak up and share
  • Become known and recognized

The PVI Model

Download the Model

By increasing perception, visibility, and influence, employees will be building a team of relationships with within the organization and will become more valuable team members. After implementing the PVI model, you will:

  • Stand out
  • Get noticed
  • Be respected
  • Get ahead
  • Advance quickly
  • Influence others
  • Be in demand
  • Being recognized as a go-to leader

How to Track Value to the Organization

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For employees who are looking for tips on asking for a promotion at work, this tool will be invaluable. It provides an easy way for them to show how valuable they are to the organization as well as making it easy for them to see the areas where they need to improve. The chart provided in the model has room for you to track the following:

  1. Internal Feedback Record the positive comments that colleagues have made about you or your work.
  2. Successes Keep track of projects that have been successful. Look at the entire project and break it down into its successful components.
  3. Outcomes Make note of the positive results that occurred due to your actions.
  4. Bottom Line Results Detail the measurable results that underscore the financial impact your accomplishments had on the company.
  5. External/Client Feedback Write down the comments you’ve received from key clients when you’ve accomplished something positive for them.
  6. Relationships Explain how you have enhanced your relationships with other business units.
  7. Responsibilities List the responsibilities you have fulfilled for your position, the department, or the company.

Five Ways to Be Influential

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Since influence is the key to effective leadership, the fifth tool outlines five ways team members can exert more influence within the organization. The five ways to be more influential are as follows:

  1. Solid reputation Establish a reputation as someone who is credible, respected, and trustworthy.
  2. Enhanced skill set Become known as someone who is competent and accomplished. Be the authority people turn to when they have a question something related your area of expertise.
  3. Executive presence Exhibit the traits of a powerful, confident, assertive leader.
  4. Superior likability Be personable, charismatic, and optimistic. Use encouragement and positive feedback to motivate employees and team members to put their best effort into their work.
  5. Power to persuade Develop the ability to convince others to support your ideas and projects.

Getting Ahead Tools and Models:  Download, Print, and Share

Download the tools and models for yourself first, then share them via e-mail, on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or by posting them on your blog or website.  Use these buttons to quickly and easily share the tools and models from the book with those of your contacts with whom you have a business relationship.

Order Copies of Getting Ahead for Your Team

The tools and models are incomplete without the book. If you haven’t already done so, order a copy for each member of your team now.

Building a team of relationships within an organization doesn’t happen overnight. It takes persistent and patient effort. While the process can be streamlined through the use of the above tools, nothing compares to the personal guidance of an experienced executive coach.

Contact Joel Garfinkle to work with your team today.