Women in Leadership Roles
in Business & Industry

Businesses produce key contributing and high performing employees. When a company retains its best talent, female or male, it gains the competitive advantage necessary in today’s complex business environment. Turning these top performers into influential leaders is a key component of the company’s future success. Focus on a company’s greatest assets by:

  1. Coaching High Potential Leaders grooming high potential employees and
  2. equipping your organization with more women leaders
Why your company needs influential leadership.

Only 11% percent were groomed to be a leader by their organization.
DDI study of 1,130 newly promoted managers

Leadership development was the #1 human capital issue the past two years.
Institute for Corporate Productivity

yahoo-logo-for-thumbnail Getting Credit at Work: Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself
Compared with their male counterparts, women seem to have a harder time stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight at work. To be more successful, you must ensure that you get credit for the outstanding work that you do. Here are some tips to help you speak up when a teammate attempts to take credit for the entire project without acknowledging your contributions.

Coaching High Potential Leaders

Leadership coaching focuses on the rapid development of high potential leaders. Coaching accelerates their advancement so they quickly become influential leaders. All leaders must manage through influence to be successful. Their abilities and strengths help them to accomplish what is deemed crucial, so that positive change can occur for the organization.

Without engagement, development and advancement, high potentials leave. Invest in your best people. Providing growth opportunities for high potential leaders lets them know that their future with the company is clearly defined.

Successful executive’s at the most senior ranks want to continue to evolve as leaders. Providing leadership coaching is one way to help them focus on their development, expand their leadership responsibility and become even more influential in the company’s success.

The customized one-on-one approach of leadership coaching is one of the most effective development tools for these high performing and top producing employees. The commitment to growth, dedicated effort and engaged attitude of the high performing employee fits perfectly with the support of leadership coaching. Coaching accelerates their development, increases the impact of the high potential and provides significant value for the company.

Coaching Women Leaders in Business and Industry

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We, as leaders, must recognize that the retention, advancement and empowerment of our considerable female talent is fundamental to the future growth and sustainability of our firm.

Suresh Kana, CEO,PricewaterhouseCoopers South Africa

Women leaders are an untapped resource of hidden potential; as such, recognizing women business leaders can be an important step in your company’s future advancement. The time is now to uncover and release them, to build a leadership pipeline of talented women ready to take their careers to the next level.

Leadership coaching is committed to the advancement of women leaders by accelerating their growth and development opportunities. Coaching prepares business women to step into leadership roles and positions them to assume influential senior positions in business and industry. Women leaders deserve to be equally represented in your company’s hierarchy.

Don’t let your best female talent disappear! Recognizing women business leaders is crucial to surviving today’s business climate—one where a company needs every edge to get ahead. Leverage your talent pool of high-performing women by including them in the future leadership of the company. Recognizing women business leaders can go a long way toward closing the gap.

Whether your concern is keeping your high-potential leaders committed to the company, or capitalizing on your talent pool of high-performing women, provide the leadership coaching that meets their needs. Your investment today will assure their success tomorrow.