Executive Coaching Tools

Successful leaders are those who have embraced the three key aspects of leadership: perception, visibility and influence. In his book, Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level, executive coach Joel Garfinkle provides step-by-step instruction on how you can advance your career and become a more credible leader by:

  • Improving Your Perception,
  • Increasing Your Visibility, and
  • Exerting Your Influence.

In addition to his numerous articles on leadership, Joel’s book provides a solid foundation to those who want to get recognized for their contributions at work and take their career to the next level.

Executive Coaching Tools

The following assessments are executive coaching tools best used in conjunction with Getting Ahead. All those who submit an assessment will receive a personalized response from executive coach Joel Garfinkle that includes individual tips and suggestions on how you can get ahead at work.

Perception Assessment
Improving your perception at work is the first step in increasing your value to your organization. With proactive perception management, you can influence how others see you to improve your image and advance your career. The perception assessment is an executive coaching tool designed to give you insight on 10 key areas you must emphasize to manage your reputation at work.
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Visibility Assessment
Increasing your visibility is the process of standing out and getting noticed by the people who matter most in your organization. To be a leader, you must be visible. By taking this assessment, you will learn the top 10 areas you need to emphasize to increase your visibility at work. Learn how you can take initiative to stand out at work!
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Influence Assessment
Exerting your influence gives you the power to alter or change a situation. You do not need position or authority or power to influence others, but you need influence to gain position, authority and power in your organization. This influence assessment is an executive coaching tool designed to show you 10 areas you must emphasize to exert your influence and get ahead at work.
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Employee Retention Surveys

In addition to improving your perception, visibility, and influence to advance your own career, if you are a business leader, you need to also consider how these three executive coaching tools relate to your relationship with your employees. For instance, do your employees:

  • View you as a competent authority? (Perception)
  • Recognize your skills, input, and work? (Visibility)
  • Perform their tasks following your instruction and feedback? (Influence)

In order to lead a solid team, you need to understand how your employees view you and the work that they do. In addition to the above PVI model, employee retention surveys can help you gather an accurate reading of your employees’ job satisfaction. Contact Joel for more information about how to conduct effective employee retention surveys that will lead to less talent loss.

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