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Here are nationally published articles written by Joel Garfinkle. They provide practical, “how-to” information and insights to help you become a leader, boost your career success, or develop effective leaders within your organization.

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Advance Your Career

Career advancement is about achieving the recognition you want and the promotions you deserve. How quickly and successfully you advance in a company is determined by how well you improve perception, increase your visibility and exert your influence. The PVI model is the catalyst to advancement and will give you an edge over the competition when you are being considered for promotions.


Build Positive Work Relationships

Making the best of your work situation is important if you want to feel satisfied in your career or have aspirations to advance up the corporate ladder. Building positive work relationships can not only help you enjoy going to work every day, but position you to advance and gain recognition for your accomplishments. Joel Garfinkle, who has written extensively on how to develop effective leaders, discusses common hindrances to positive workplace relationships and provides you with practical leadership development tips that will teach you how to make the best of any situation.

How to Retain Employees

Learn the best tactics to motivate your employees, sustain engagement and retain your most valuable employees. The high employee turnover cost will impact the bottom line when you are unable to keep your top talent. Learn the most valuable ways to appreciate and recognize your employees by applying these tips on leadership development.

Succession Planning

What will you do the next time someone in your company gets sick or jumps ship? Are you prepared? A good succession plan can motivate present and future superstars as well as helping you avoid the financial impact of losing good people. A clearly defined succession plan helps prepare and develop effective leaders for advancement or promotion.

Managing Human Capital

The landscape of human capital management is undergoing rapid and dramatic change. Developing strategies to deal with these changes will be the key to your profitability in the years ahead. Learn how to manage your aging workforce, recruit top talent, and retain and grow the superstars of today and tomorrow. These articles will show you how to avoid costly mistakes and thrive on the challenges you face.

Business Intelligence and Company Strategy

Business intelligence is understanding how your company does business and how it can be a more effective organization. This involves such things as improving how your department is run, working smarter, understanding your customers’ and clients’ needs, seeing how you can differentiate yourself from your competition and partnering more effectively with others.

Talent Development

Grow future senior leaders. Develop high-potential employees. Build a leadership pipeline. This is talent development and it’s a necessity to maintain a competitive advantage for your organization. You’ll learn the best tactics to motivate, engage and retain your most valuable employees.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Learning how to manage your time for optimal effectiveness is an essential component of feeling good about the work you are able to accomplish everyday. Check out the following articles to learn how you can improve your productivity and efficiency by managing your time, getting organized, eliminating time wasters and properly delegating tasks!


Keep Your Employees Happy

Future trends in human capital indicate that retaining the loyalty of top talent is key to leadership development. Happy employees are a key ingredient to creating a healthy business. But with a variety of temperaments and personalities to deal with, how do you make your workplace environment a place where employees are engaged and satisfied to help achieve the goals of the company? In the following articles, Joel Garfinkle identifies proven strategies and practices to increase productivity by increasing employee job satisfaction.

Build and Manage Great Teams

Building strong intrapersonal relationships within your team creates a work environment that is more conducive to working together and getting things done. These articles show you how to develop and manage strong teams. You’ll learn how to foster teamwork, create more team engagement and improve communication between employees.

Create Work-Life Balance

Coping with the pressures and stress of work can take a tremendous toll on your life if you don’t take control. But how do you set boundaries that enable you to have a satisfying work life and personal life without appearing uncooperative at work? In the following articles, Joel Garfinkle helps you establish a healthy work-life balance for increased satisfaction in every area of your life.

The Rush Syndrome

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you frequently find yourself getting impatient with other people? Do you feel like there is no way you can possibly get everything done? If so, you just might be suffering from rush syndrome.


Managing difficult conversations

Work communication is not always easy. Difficult people and difficult subjects both require extra sensitivity and special handling. The articles in this section will help you improve your relationships with difficult people and demonstrate empathy when delivering bad news.

Power of Perception

People constantly are forming opinions of you based on how you act, what you do, and how you behave at work. These impressions have a direct impact on how you are perceived. Perception management is vital to your professional success. If you don’t take control of how others see you, you will undermine both your career and your future success. People will form opinions about you without any input from you. You can’t leave the fate of your career in someone else’s hands.

Exert Your Influence

With influence, you move organizations forward and change outcomes for the better. You motivate, arouse interest, and sway others to do what is deemed important. You are depended on and seen as a difference maker who has the courage to make tough and important decisions. Without influence, your career stalls and comes to a standstill. You must have the courage to make an impact and be influential. Read the following articles on leadership communication and learn how to influence others in and outside of your organization.

Conduct Productive Meetings

The majority of workers cite meetings as the most frustrating and unproductive part of their week. And it’s no wonder since many meetings really aren’t necessary and serve as time-wasting formalities. Joel Garfinkle, who has written dozens of articles on leadership communication, tells you how you can make the most of meetings.


Provide Quality Employee Feedback

Learn how you can provide quality feedback that gets results. The following articles on leadership communication by Joel Garfinkle explain why quality feedback is so important to obtaining quality work from your employees—and—increasing employees’ satisfaction with their work. In addition, providing quality feedback to employees is crucial to developing effective leaders within your organization. Future trends in human capital point to the need for a stronger, deeper leadership pipeline to navigate today’s business climate.

Enjoy Your Work More

In a rut? Wish you were still excited about going to work everyday? Enjoying your work can go a long way to feeling fulfilled in life. By taking a little time to consider what you really value, you can advance in the direction of ultimate satisfaction. Learn how to change your perspective to enjoy your work more by reading the articles below.

Enhance Your Career

Enhance your career by learning how to demonstrate commitment to your company’s core strategies, enact proven methods to reach your goals faster and unleash your leadership potential. Read on to learn more tips on leadership development from Joel Garfinkle to enhance your career for a more satisfying work life.


Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills were ranked the number one quality sought after by employers. Yet, communication skills are often overlooked as something to develop as an employee since many believe that communication skills are something you either have or don’t have. The truth is, good communication skills can be learned and implemented by anyone willing to put forth a little effort. Learn how by reading the following articles on leadership communication.

Self-Promotion: Spread the Word about You

Learn the art of self promotion so you can use it to your advantage. If you don’t self-promote effectively, your work goes unnoticed and your career will suffer. You’ll be overlooked and unnoticed. It’s vital to let people know of your achievements, their impact and how you provide value.

Survive Office Politics

No matter what size company you work for, office politics will eventually come into play in your work environment. Not knowing what to expect or how to play can greatly impact your job satisfaction and ability to move up in a company. Learn how to effectively navigate office politics when you read the following article by Joel Garfinkle.

First 90 Days on a Job

Many people fail within the first 90 days of a new job or promotion because they do not yet possess the skills and experience needed to thrive at that level. Read the following article and learn how to avoid this obstacle and set yourself up for future success.

Reduce the Impact of Layoffs

When times are tough, it can be difficult to thrive when others are being laid off. You may be wondering if you’re next. The following articles address the challenges employers and employees face when times are tough. Joel Garfinkle, who counsels corporations on ways to develop effective leaders, offers advice on how you can reduce the impact of layoffs in the following articles.

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