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Executive coaches are to business professionals what master musicians are to aspiring performers: they guide the thriving careers of their clients to help them reach the peak of their abilities. If you want to overcome your leadership shortcomings, fulfill your executive potential or advance up the corporate ladder quickly, hiring an executive coach may prove to be one of the strongest career moves you could ever make.

7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Managing your talent may be one of the most profitable things a business can do. When companies skillfully promote talent with great succession planning, they retain all the costs of the experience and training they’ve put into their people.

To best make this happen, top companies hire expert consultants to focus and simplify their efforts. When planning an executive leadership development program, what credentials should companies look for in these consultants? What skills and attributes will produce the most cost-effective results?

Here are seven points to help you find the expert who can support and guide you in your talent management.

Experience. Moving from management to leadership doesn’t just happen. It takes skilled business leadership coaching to make this important transition smooth and successful. Trust your team to an executive coach who has experience in grooming and training managers to be leaders. Look at who they … Continue reading 7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Women in Leadership – Using Coaching to Take Charge of Growth

As women seek to close the gap between men and women in the C- suite, they need extra skills. An extra edge. Many women are looking beyond support their company may offer.

They see the value in mentors, in the in-house courses, and other training offered to them. But they also recognize that it isn’t enough. It has not succeeded in closing the gap.

More women are taking control of their own leadership growth. They are becoming leaders in their current positions and setting up their strategies to move into greater executive roles.

One of the most versatile training methods they are discovering is personal coaching. The cost of a coach becomes “cheap” as women find they advance more quickly. Here are five places a leadership coach can be markedly effective.

Early career growth. When women start out in the workforce, it’s helpful to find direction. A leadership … Continue reading Women in Leadership – Using Coaching to Take Charge of Growth

5 Signs that You’re Ready for an Executive Leadership Coach

Smart executives refuse to settle, choosing instead to get the support they need to take them one rung higher on the corporate ladder. Support can have many faces: it could be attending seminars or conferences to keep up with industry trends, participating in a leadership and executive coaching program, hiring a personal executive coach for leadership training and development, or reading a transformative career coaching book.

Recognize that all the above support mechanisms are active, not passive, experiences. If you haven’t been getting ahead it could be because you haven’t been willing to attend that conference or workshop or consult with an expert coach for guidance. You can turn things around. Consider these five reasons why an executive coaching and leadership training program might be for you:

You’re willing to invest. Know that hiring an executive coach requires time, money, and effort on your … Continue reading 5 Signs that You’re Ready for an Executive Leadership Coach

What Can You Expect from Executive & Corporate Coaching? Results!

Is there a promotion in your future? For just about anyone on the corporate career track, the answer is undoubtedly yes. But it won’t just happen and when it does, it might not be the most comfortable experience you ever had. Corporate coaching or executive coaching can not only make sure your career path takes you where you want to go, it can ease the transition as well.

Stepping out of the ranks and into the management spotlight is like going from player to coach. And if you’re any kind of sports fan, you know that many players don’t make that move successfully. It’s hard to “boss” people who used to be your peers. You’ll be required to develop and use new skills, like conducting performance evaluations, having tough disciplinary conversations, hiring and firing, calming conflicts and motivating your team. These skills won’t show up naturally on the … Continue reading What Can You Expect from Executive & Corporate Coaching? Results!

3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in an Executive Coaching Program

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation in Seattle or a small business owner in Denver, choosing an executive coach can be a difficult decision. Here are three questions to ask yourself when thinking about investing in a coaching program designed exclusively for executives.

What is my return on investment (ROI) going to be? Does the plan fit with my professional goals and the objectives of the organization? Is the program tailored to my specific needs and the needs of my employer?

One of the most important questions you should ask is, “How do I, or we as a firm, measure our ROI on what we’ve invested in our tailored coaching program for executives?” This question is critical because, as effective leaders know, their company’s objectives and strategies must be aligned with what they plan to get out of any executive coaching engagement and training they … Continue reading 3 Questions to Ask Before Investing in an Executive Coaching Program

Six Hidden Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Sometimes companies get stuck. The see the competition creeping up on them and they can’t figure out quite how to change things to their advantage. What are they missing?

One solution is to turn to an executive coach. Leadership coaching can open the floodgates of power and creativity with unexpected benefits. It might mean the difference between stagnation and explosive growth.

Here are six ways leadership coaching expands the abilities of your executives.

Free Thinking — leadership coaches stretch your ability to think in new and different ways. Probing questions open thought patterns. An outside view brings up new angles that help your executives add value to your company. Because the best leadership coaches work with a cross-section of businesses and industries, they bring in best practice concepts that your executives might otherwise miss. Empowerment — The way individuals, co-workers, and a boss sees an individual might … Continue reading Six Hidden Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Business Leadership Coaching

Executive coaches help clients chart a course in their job. They guide them in advancement strategies and solve problems holding them back. They assist them to resolve issues with peers, bosses, teamwork, and job focus.

Executive coaches also specialize in Business Leadership Coaching. Here the focus narrows. You get expert help to move you from management to leadership.

Here are five ways your coach can jumpstart your leadership development.

Uncover the qualities of a great leader. Coaches help you to identify the qualities of great leaders. You may have seen these attributes in action, but having them pointed out helps you evaluate your own skills.

Which of these traits do you already possess? Which ones can you gain? Specialized coaching helps you quickly master those leadership qualities that will advance your career.

Escape common mistakes. Sometimes the easy way or the most used path has pitfalls. … Continue reading Business Leadership Coaching

3 Signs that Your Company Needs an Executive Coaching Consultant

What would you say is the most crucial factor required for the successful growth of your business?

If you’re like 91% of the participants in a current survey of CEOs across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, you would answer “developing leaders.” If you’re wondering why executive leadership coaching is more important than ever to businesses today and why companies from New York to Denver are choosing an executive coaching consultant, take a look at the numbers. A recent study by MetrixGlobal revealed that upon investing in executive coaching, a Fortune 500 firm reported a 529% return on investment and countless other benefits to the organization.

Another survey by the Hay Group found that 21 to 40% of Fortune 500 companies employ executive coaching as a standard leadership development strategy for the best executives, and also provide this development for skilled employees capable of filling leadership roles.

Continue reading 3 Signs that Your Company Needs an Executive Coaching Consultant

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Are you lonely at the top? Leadership responsibilities in the c-level ranks can leave a manager feeling pretty isolated. Many top managers recognize that to advance their own personal and corporate development, they need to collaborate with a skilled advisor. Leadership executive coaching is a tool that can accelerate your growth, enhance your effectiveness, and provide you with the personal support you need to achieve the goals you’ve set.

A professional coach will guide you as a leader to hone your big-picture thinking and focus on actions that produce results. Leadership coaching is based on a relationship of mutual trust between the coach and the executive, so that you create an environment where you can question assumptions, create alternatives, and broaden your perspective. Here are three important outcomes you should expect to achieve from your leadership coaching relationship:

You’ll be ready for increased responsibilities You’ll make more informed … Continue reading Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching – Executive Training & Development

Red Adair, American businessman, said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” A company is only as good as the people that work there. To make your company outstanding, you need outstanding people.

Do you have managers that understand and draw the best from their employees? In this ever-changing world, your executives need ongoing training to develop the tools they need to lead the company. Talent development and human capital management should be important components of your company’s growth strategy.

How can your top tier maintain their edge? With leadership coaching. This kind of trainer brings skilled teaching and motivation to your company’s training program.

Because they are professionals, coaches invest time learning and applying the best methods. Expect them to offer these strengths:

Cross Pollination. Great coaching draws from best practices not only in … Continue reading Leadership Coaching – Executive Training & Development