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Grow future senior leaders. Develop high-potential employees. Build a leadership pipeline. This is talent development and it’s a necessity to maintain a competitive advantage for your organization. You’ll learn the best tactics to motivate, engage and retain your most valuable employees.

Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

There’s a talent war going on. One of the most precious resources for a company is the total of their human capital. As companies work to find and develop their talent, they need to expand to new places.

One place for businesses to put greater effort into is that of minority talent development. Many companies say they seek minority employees but can’t find qualified ones. When this priority becomes important enough, companies can create a rich diversity in their workers. They will find that diversity adds to the bottom line of the company as well.

Diversity enriches businesses as it:

Helps the company understand and respond to clients and customers from different backgrounds. Inspires creativity. Different cultures and ethnic traditions bring unique perspectives that invite new ways of problem solving and innovative thought.

What steps can a company take to increase their minority human capital? How can they recruit, … Continue reading Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

Talent development – Increase Your Job Value

Talent development requires making your employees skilled and valuable to the company, and also happy enough that they want to stay with the company. It is an integral part of talent acquisition and talent management. Use proven strategies to start growing your leaders now, and you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Human resources needs to invest training dollars where it counts. Of the $30 billion spent each year on training, only 1/3 of that amount is spent on non-degreed employees, who make up 2/3 of the average workforce. Nearly every business needs to have a plan for bringing its substandard employees up to speed quickly.

While the Human Resources department has much of the control of hiring, both management and the individual can control talent development. Training and developing employees is a two-way street. Let’s talk about what the individuals can do to increase their value to the … Continue reading Talent development – Increase Your Job Value

7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Managing your talent may be one of the most profitable things a business can do. When companies skillfully promote talent with great succession planning, they retain all the costs of the experience and training they’ve put into their people.

To best make this happen, top companies hire expert consultants to focus and simplify their efforts. When planning an executive leadership development program, what credentials should companies look for in these consultants? What skills and attributes will produce the most cost-effective results?

Here are seven points to help you find the expert who can support and guide you in your talent management.

Experience. Moving from management to leadership doesn’t just happen. It takes skilled business leadership coaching to make this important transition smooth and successful. Trust your team to an executive coach who has experience in grooming and training managers to be leaders. Look at who they … Continue reading 7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent