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Learn the art of self promotion so you can use it to your advantage. If you don’t self-promote effectively, your work goes unnoticed and your career will suffer. You’ll be overlooked and unnoticed. It’s vital to let people know of your achievements, their impact and how you provide value.

The Keys to Effective Self-Promotion

Most people are reluctant to promote themselves and their work. Are you one of them? You might update your boss about a few noteworthy accomplishments, but usually you stay humble and keep your nose pressed to the grindstone. Heaven forbid anyone accuse you of bragging or brown nosing!

“My work speaks for itself,” you think to yourself. “I don’t need to grandstand to get noticed and get ahead.”



Having coached hundreds of clients, I’ve learned that those who advance the furthest and fastest aren’t necessarily the most talented or deserving. One quality they almost always share is the ability to effectively communicate their impact and value to others in their organizations.

They’re able to promote themselves without annoying their superiors or alienating their colleagues.

How do they do it? You’ll learn useful tips below to help you get noticed and recognized without causing resentment to those … Continue reading The Keys to Effective Self-Promotion

Get Credit For Your Work

Getting credit for your work is not always easy. You can do great work, but if no one knows you were responsible for the outstanding results, you won’t get recognized. The key to getting credit for your accomplishments is doing an effective job at promoting yourself and letting other people know what you did. This includes the work you completed, the projects you contributed to and the beneficial ideas that were yours.

One of the primary reasons people often don’t get credit for their work is because they are working behind the scenes and are reluctant to “blow their own horn.” Often, other people take credit when credit isn’t due to them. This is a common practice in the competitive corporate world. You have to be responsible for launching your own public relations campaign.

There are two types of people who do this. The first is the person … Continue reading Get Credit For Your Work