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Learn how you can provide quality feedback that gets results. The following articles on leadership communication by Joel Garfinkle explain why quality feedback is so important to obtaining quality work from your employees—and—increasing employees’ satisfaction with their work. In addition, providing quality feedback to employees is crucial to developing effective leaders within your organization. Future trends in human capital point to the need for a stronger, deeper leadership pipeline to navigate today’s business climate.

Ten Ways to Provide Quality Feedback

Employees want feedback. They want an honest assessment of their behavior to help them improve their work. They know that if they listen to, and take action on, clear and constructive feedback, their overall performance will improve. Successful employee retention and promotion will result. And so will overall employee job satisfaction.

However, most managers feel uncomfortable delivering feedback, especially when it involves a problem or concern. So many managers take a passive approach or are guilty of knee-jerk, “drive by” feedback, which can be counterproductive. Providing feedback that gets results isn’t as difficult or painful as you think. Listed below are ten tips to make it a powerful, positive experience.

Be positive. Focus on what the person is doing well when giving feedback (and not just what they can improve upon). Focus on the behavior, not the person. When discussing a problem … Continue reading Ten Ways to Provide Quality Feedback