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Learning how to manage your time for optimal effectiveness is an essential component of feeling good about the work you are able to accomplish everyday. Check out the following articles to learn how you can improve your productivity and efficiency by managing your time, getting organized, eliminating time wasters and properly delegating tasks!

Making Time for Important Long-Term Projects

Most of us focus our time and energy on whatever short-term tasks land on our plate each week. That’s fine as long as we also commit time and energy to the important long-term projects that will get us where we eventually want to be. Here are six ways to make sure the important projects don’t get lost in the wilderness of urgent daily tasks.

Write out your long-term goals (include your 1, 3 or even 5 year plan) What do you really want in your life? Your upcoming goals for the year are hidden within this question. For example, some long-term goals could be becoming a good ballroom dancer, spending more time with your kids or changing jobs to one that you will find more satisfying. As you think of things to do, write out ways that you can take action to make them happen. This will help … Continue reading Making Time for Important Long-Term Projects

14 Ways to Increase Productivity

The idea of increasing productivity and efficiency often brings up images of someone with a stopwatch timing every activity with a watchful eye. Henry Ford first used the talent of an efficiency expert to build cars faster and more economically. What resulted was the assembly line where the same motion is repeated over and over to eliminate any wasted motion. You don’t have to work on an assembly line to take advantage of the time-saving tips they offered, however. By taking a little time to plan and prepare, you can find extra hours in your day to complete the work you want to do and still have fun. These useful and effective exercises will only be beneficial if you are productive and efficient with your time. Victor Hugo says, “He who every morning plans the transactions of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread … Continue reading 14 Ways to Increase Productivity

Manage Time and Get Organized

Got plans for the summer? While you’re basking in the sun, consider this: you’ll spend more time looking for lost documents at work than you will on your vacation. Up to three times as much! That’s right. Americans average only two to two-and-a-half weeks vacation every year. Yet according to Fast Company Magazine, executives waste six weeks per year searching for lost paperwork.

In fact, employees spend up to 35 percent of their time looking for the information they need to do their jobs. And when you’re not trying to track down that lost file or report, chances are someone is interrupting you. Studies show an American worker is interrupted eight times every hour. Each interruption averages five minutes. It’s a wonder that any work gets done at all.

Fortunately there are simple techniques and strategies you can use to better manage your time and reduce the … Continue reading Manage Time and Get Organized

Increased Effectiveness on Projects

Focus Only on Three Major Projects Most people limit their success by juggling too many projects. Make a list of all the things you have going on and get rid of everything except the three most important. Give yourself the opportunity to do great work on the three that mean the most. Define It What is the end result you want to achieve? Create Smaller Tasks Within Each Project Break the project into manageable pieces. Identify all the specific parts of the project. Establish Deadlines For Your Projects Coordinate the project workload back into your weekly and daily schedules. With a deadline, you will be more focused and concentrated at the task at hand so you can accomplish it on time. Ask Yourself The Right Questions Am I accomplishing the most important tasks today? Will it matter if the tasks assigned or the entire … Continue reading Increased Effectiveness on Projects

Efficient Use of Your Time

Are you experiencing the treadmill effect? That’s when you’re trying your best to keep up, getting farther behind, and the ground under you is moving so fast you’re afraid to jump off. Our jobs and our world feel that way a lot these days. Multitasking is a must, they tell us, but it’s really counterproductive because it causes you to make mistakes and it intensifies internal stress.

So how do you cope? Take a close look at how you’re spending your time. Consider balance and productivity. How are you doing? Here are seven simple suggestions that will slow down the treadmill and enable you to get through your day with minimum stress and maximum satisfaction.

Save Time In Your Daily Schedule Use time waiting in line or waiting for appointments to catch up on material you need to read. Use the technology of today to increase your productivity. Consolidate errands … Continue reading Efficient Use of Your Time

Avoid Time Traps

Time traps are the pitfalls we can fall into if we’re not paying attention. They seem to lay in wait for us as we innocently go about our day and will rob you of time, energy, and focus if you let them. The only way to avoid time traps is to be aware that they exist and stay alert, ready to block or divert them.

We all have our own personal set of time traps, the ones that trip us up frequently. What are yours? To help you start your list, here are a few common time traps that my clients often include on their lists:

Spending a disproportionately high amount of time in the offices where they find the most congenial people, as opposed to where the most important issues are. Wasting too much time getting daily updates on routine activities as opposed to waiting for a more meaningful … Continue reading Avoid Time Traps

How to Delegate Effectively

According to a survey of 3,200 administrative professionals, “delegating meaningful tasks” is one of the top ten most desired qualities in a manager or boss.

Yet so few bosses know how to delegate effectively.

Why? Many fear that if something goes wrong, they’ll be responsible. A client recently admitted to me, “If I am going to get hung by a mistake, let it be mine and not someone junior.” However, when you delegate, you get more done, work less hours and produce more. Just as important: you can help others learn and develop.

Here are six simple tips to help you learn how to delegate effectively.

Step back and take a hard look at your calendar and inbox. Examine all your tasks, conference calls and meetings for the upcoming week. Which of these are candidates for delegation? Some may be lower priority items. Others might present learning opportunities for someone … Continue reading How to Delegate Effectively

Stop Wasting Time

Would you like to gain more than two hours of productivity each day without working longer hours?

It’s simple. Stop wasting your time.

According to a survey by AOL and, the average American admits to wasting more than two hours a day while at work.

Think about how you manage your time and the things that distract you from doing your job. Are you guilty of any of the following?

Personal Internet use Socializing with coworkers Conducting personal business “Spacing out” Running errands

Those were the major time-wasters listed by the survey’s 10,000 respondents.

Obviously, socializing with your colleagues is important and getting away from your desk or computer can help you refresh, clear your thoughts and make you even more productive.

When my clients ask me for ways to make the best use of their time at work, I suggest they (1) look for ways to reduce … Continue reading Stop Wasting Time

Five Ways to Create More Time at Work

Today’s frightening economy is taking no prisoners. If you’ve been fortunate enough to keep your job, you’ve probably been asked to pick up the slack from colleagues who have been laid off or whose haven’t been filled. That means more work, longer hours and additional frustration.

If you’ve read my past newsletters, you know I’m a strong advocate of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. In fact, in difficult times like these, this balance is even more critical. There are already enough pressures challenging all of us, both at home and at work.

“But how can I have balance in my life when I have to work late and come in on weekends?” a client recently asked me. “There are only 24 hours in a day!”

She was working harder, but was she working smarter?

So we sat down and explored ways to make more efficient use of her time. … Continue reading Five Ways to Create More Time at Work