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With influence, you move organizations forward and change outcomes for the better. You motivate, arouse interest, and sway others to do what is deemed important. You are depended on and seen as a difference maker who has the courage to make tough and important decisions. Without influence, your career stalls and comes to a standstill. You must have the courage to make an impact and be influential. Read the following articles on leadership communication and learn how to influence others in and outside of your organization.

5 Traits All Influential Leaders Possess


Influential leaders know how to increase their visibility, effectiveness and reach. They make sure the workplace is a more efficient and profitable enterprise. They set higher standards to serve their customers and clients. And, in doing so, they create positive opportunities not just for themselves, but for their colleagues at all levels, as well.

The key to expanding influence is to become a leader who inspires people to follow. How to you do that?

3 Surprising Ways to Influence Your Employees

3 Surprising Ways to Influence Your Employees

Want to be a better boss, a respected leader, and an admired mentor to the people under you? Once you’ve climbed the ladder to get to the top you understand that being a leader comes with responsibility. Empowering the people under you with the same responsibility can help you capitalize on your employees’ skills and bring out your team’s true potential.

Mentor and teacher, Booker T. Washington, says it best in his autobiography as he stresses the importance of empowering individuals: “Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him and to let him know that you trust him… Every individual responds to confidence.”

How can you influence downward to your employees, staff and the people you supervise?

5 Ways to Be a More Influential Leader

5 Ways to be a more influential church leader

The economically and spiritually troubling times our society faces today have resulted in significant challenges for many congregations. It is through these difficult times that church leadership is critical. It’s easy to lead your congregation when things are going well and people are generally happy; however, when your followers are plagued with social and professional strife, this is when church leaders really need to shine. Here are five tips for managing and improving your reputation as a leader so you can develop your influence within the church and lead your congregation into the next era of prosperity.