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Executive book summaries can help develop effective leaders. Whether you are gaining tips on leadership development or articles on leadership communication, books can provide the necessary information to help you with career success.

Transformational Leadership Research
7 Books & Articles

Research in leadership strategies and employee relationships provide much-needed data to help us determine the best ways to interact with co-workers, bosses, clients, and others in order to achieve our goals. Here are seven books and articles that provide transformational leadership research—research that has the potential to transform the way we think about business relationships, perceptions, and leadership in general.

Transformational Leadership Research Books The Extraordinary Leader: How Good Managers Become Great Leaders. Joseph Folkman and his research team analyzed the responses from approximately 200,000 360-degree feedback reports to determine the skills required for effective leadership. Based on the results, the authors put together a complete program to help you develop and use those skills. TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments. TouchPoints revolves around using brief moments every day to connect with employees and reinforce the company’s purpose and values. The approach detailed in … Continue reading Transformational Leadership Research
7 Books & Articles

8 Free Business Leadership Books You Can Find Online

If you don’t mind on-screen reading, you can save a few bucks by downloading e-books instead of investing in the printed version. And sometimes you can even get them free. Here is a list of eight free business leadership books you can currently find online.

Preparing CEOs for Success: What I Wish I Knew

William R. Johnson, Chairman, President, and CEO of H.J. Heinz Company, sponsored this study to gain insight to better prepare future CEOs for their roles. What does it take to lead, manage, and grow an organization? How can CEOs prepare their successors to thrive as they take over the reins of the company? Drs. Leslie W. Braksick and James S. Hillgren of CLG interviewed 27 sitting CEOs to find out the answer to this question: What do you wish you knew before you became CEO?

Get the Kindle version of this business leadership book free here: … Continue reading 8 Free Business Leadership Books You Can Find Online

Three Executive Book Summaries – Joel Garfinkle’s Leadership Books

If you’re like the majority of Americans, your career comes second only to your family. It’s not only the source of your financial livelihood, but it is also a source of personal pride. Being recognized as an invaluable resource for your organization not only fills your wallet, but also fulfills your soul. With so many career advancement and job satisfaction books on the market, executive book summaries help you determine which book is going to truly transform your career. As a busy professional, you don’t have time to waste reading executive books that have little to no value. Read these summaries of Joel Garfinkle’s executive books, Getting Ahead, Executive Presence, and Time Management Mastery to get a taste of the wealth of knowledge packed into each one.

Getting Ahead:

In his new book, Getting Ahead, Joel Garfinkle shares the three critical facets to climbing the corporate … Continue reading Three Executive Book Summaries – Joel Garfinkle’s Leadership Books

3 Free Motivational Books to Help You Succeed

Motivational books offer numerous benefits. Motivational books build your level of confidence, both personally and professionally. They increase your belief in yourself, as well as what you expect from yourself and your life. Motivational books help you unleash the creativity bottled inside of you, give you strategic guidance and practical wisdom, and improve your ability to motivate others. In the end, motivational books give you a competitive advantage that helps you succeed. Here are three free motivational books that will inspire and educate you, propelling you forward on the path of success.

41 Proven Strategies to Get Promoted Now!

In 41 Proven Strategies to Get Promoted Now!, you’ll receive practical advice on methods for moving your career forward — not next year, not in five years, but now! You’ll learn strategies for a variety of promotion strategies, from overcoming resistance in others to how to ask for … Continue reading 3 Free Motivational Books to Help You Succeed

Getting Ahead — Not Your Average Career Coaching Book

Are you a C-level professional — a dynamic CEO or CCO? Or perhaps you’re a mid-level or upper level manager, a new employee, or an aspiring future company leader. Wherever you are in your career path right now, a transformative coaching program for executives can help you get ahead at work.

Leading executive coach, Joel Garfinkle, believes that “good enough” is the enemy of progress. In order to advance to new heights in your career, good enough just doesn’t cut it in today’s corporate culture. If you want to seriously take your career advancement and job satisfaction by the reins, what you need is a solid plan that gives you clear-cut hands-on practical advice and leaves no room for error.

There are two ways to learn in life: the easy way and the hard way. Take the easy way and you can learn from the mistakes … Continue reading Getting Ahead — Not Your Average Career Coaching Book

Use Books on Tape to Capture Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

As the work environment becomes ever more competitive, resourceful executives look for ways to maximize their efficiency. Those who break ahead of the pack, learn to effectively use the 24 hours they have.

Because you value life balance books on tape, podcasts, and ipods become the ultimate solution to keep your competitive advantage. Here are six ways audio learning benefits you.

Helps Balance Your Lifestyle. You know you have to exercise to stay fit. But the demands of work tend to push that to the back burner. When you take advantage of audio learning, you can reap two benefits at the same time.Go jogging and still be adding to your skill sets. Lay by the pool and learn. Take a lunchtime stroll with a podcast. When your body is active or relaxed, you will absorb information. That information can spark ideas for greater productivity. Fits a … Continue reading Use Books on Tape to Capture Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Leadership Development Articles

Leadership growth is not a one-time event.  Rather, great leaders continuously nurture their development.  Some have coaches or mentors.  Others take courses and classes. When you start off, begin with low-cost ways to boost your leadership development through books, articles, and quotes.


While it may cost a small fortune to attend a seminar with a brilliant leadership development expert or to have one-on-one coaching with him or her, you can purchase his or her book for a few dollars.

In the expert’s book, you’ll find their greatest insights distilled just for your edification. What’s more, the book can be read over and over.  Each time you read it, you’ll gain further insights into skills and techniques you can use to advance your abilities as a leader. Underline, make notes in the columns.

Some excellent books to start with include:

Getting Ahead, by Joel Garfinkle. … Continue reading Leadership Development Articles