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Career advancement is about achieving the recognition you want and the promotions you deserve. How quickly and successfully you advance in a company is determined by how well you improve perception, increase your visibility and exert your influence. The PVI model is the catalyst to advancement and will give you an edge over the competition when you are being considered for promotions.

4 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Company

Want to get noticed and get ahead in your company? Developing leadership skills demands a plan. Here are four, sure-fire ways to break through the clutter and stand out from the crowd. As you read them, think of ways you can apply them while you’re at work. For example, think of three things you can do to increase your visibility this week. Write them down. Then check them off as you accomplish them. Next week, do the same thing with building and demonstrating your confidence. In subsequent weeks, consider ways to promote yourself and focus on the things that matter most. With practice, these actions will become part of your daily routine.

Be Confident Confidence is being sure of yourself and secure with who you are. When you’re confident, those around you will be more likely to support your efforts and champion your success. If you feel … Continue reading 4 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Company

Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

With the economy in flux, now more than ever, every aspiring leader needs to gain that competitive advantage. If you are not giving full value to your company, you may be replaced.

However, if you can give that extra value to the business you may find your position and compensation soaring. Simply working harder is not the answer. You’ll need to work more strategically. Take charge of your own talent development. Learn what skills and focus will lift you above your competition, and which will just drain your energy.

Stay Current on Your Skills. Developing leadership skills takes time and commitment. In addition, there are company specific skills you must have to do your job the very best. Be eager to master the required skills in both areas and then go beyond. If you learn the newest, cutting edge technologies or skill sets, you’ll become the go-to … Continue reading Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

Mentors on Steroids: How Advocates Advance Your Career


Do you have an advocate at work who is championing your cause? An advocate relationship is like a mentorship on steroids. Instead of remaining out of sight in the background, mentoring you privately, an advocate promotes you in a very public way, increasing your visibility and chances for promotion.

Who needs an advocate?

According to a white paper — “Advocacy vs. Mentoring” by Sylvia Ann Hewlett Associates — people who have advocates are more likely to ask for stretch assignments and raises. They have more doors opened for them and are more satisfied with their rate of career advancement. If that sounds like something you want, then you need to have an advocate — or several advocates — on your side.

Tips on Career Advancement

Looking for tips on career advancement? Here is your own personal talent development program. The four suggestions listed below will go a long ways to position you for success. When I coach my clients about these and other career-enhancing techniques, I encourage them write down two or three ways they can immediately demonstrate them on the job. For example, if you want to develop your ability to speak in financial terms, you might write:

Incorporate more hard data in this week’s presentation. Add revenue and profit impact in my regular updates to my boss. Look for ways to document the cost-savings of my latest project.

The key is to get started now. Before long, these techniques will become second nature to you. So have your pen or pencil (or computer keyboard) handy. Write down three ways you can demonstrate each of them this week.

Four Tips on Career … Continue reading Tips on Career Advancement

5 Keys to Advancing Your Career During Difficult Economic Times

A recent survey by the American Psychological Association reported that there is a significant degree of worker discontent in organizations of all sizes. Forty-three percent reported being particularly dissatisfied with the limited opportunities for professional development and career advancement within their current firm.

However, in these difficult economic times with significant company downsizing and layoffs, employees need to readjust their expectations and understand that a proactive mindset should replace a passive wait-and-see attitude to advance. Below we discuss five creative strategies that will get management’s attention and foster your professional growth.

Speak up and be heard Actively participate in all office meetings and demonstrate your interest by reviewing the agenda beforehand so that you come prepared with speaking notes. Don’t just talk so that you can hear yourself but add value to the discussion by providing innovative solutions to current challenges.You also want to position yourself strategically since where you … Continue reading 5 Keys to Advancing Your Career During Difficult Economic Times

Podcast Interview – Getting Ahead

For many of us, the idea of “self promotion” is uncomfortable. The concept conjures images and memories of famous a**-kissers we’ve known and not liked, and many of us firmly believe that our work speaks for itself.

Unfortunately, good work alone is not always enough to stand-out from the crowd. In a noisy, competitive workplace, where others choose us for big projects and new opportunities, finding a way to stand-out… while not becoming one of those aforementioned obnoxious characters, is a fact of life.

Joel Garfinkle, a leading executive coach, speaker and author, offers some excellent and practical guidance for all of us on this important but awkward topic in his latest book, Getting Ahead — Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level.