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4 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Company

Want to get noticed and get ahead in your company? Developing leadership skills demands a plan. Here are four, sure-fire ways to break through the clutter and stand out from the crowd. As you read them, think of ways you can apply them while you’re at work. For example, think of three things you can do to increase your visibility this week. Write them down. Then check them off as you accomplish them. Next week, do the same thing with building and demonstrating your confidence. In subsequent weeks, consider ways to promote yourself and focus on the things that matter most. With practice, these actions will become part of your daily routine.

Be Confident Confidence is being sure of yourself and secure with who you are. When you’re confident, those around you will be more likely to support your efforts and champion your success. If you feel … Continue reading 4 Ways to Get Ahead in Your Company

Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

With the economy in flux, now more than ever, every aspiring leader needs to gain that competitive advantage. If you are not giving full value to your company, you may be replaced.

However, if you can give that extra value to the business you may find your position and compensation soaring. Simply working harder is not the answer. You’ll need to work more strategically. Take charge of your own talent development. Learn what skills and focus will lift you above your competition, and which will just drain your energy.

Stay Current on Your Skills. Developing leadership skills takes time and commitment. In addition, there are company specific skills you must have to do your job the very best. Be eager to master the required skills in both areas and then go beyond. If you learn the newest, cutting edge technologies or skill sets, you’ll become the go-to … Continue reading Gain Competitive Advantage – 6 Essential Secrets

Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

There’s a talent war going on. One of the most precious resources for a company is the total of their human capital. As companies work to find and develop their talent, they need to expand to new places.

One place for businesses to put greater effort into is that of minority talent development. Many companies say they seek minority employees but can’t find qualified ones. When this priority becomes important enough, companies can create a rich diversity in their workers. They will find that diversity adds to the bottom line of the company as well.

Diversity enriches businesses as it:

Helps the company understand and respond to clients and customers from different backgrounds. Inspires creativity. Different cultures and ethnic traditions bring unique perspectives that invite new ways of problem solving and innovative thought.

What steps can a company take to increase their minority human capital? How can they recruit, … Continue reading Minority Talent Development – Win the Human Capital War

Talent development – Increase Your Job Value

Talent development requires making your employees skilled and valuable to the company, and also happy enough that they want to stay with the company. It is an integral part of talent acquisition and talent management. Use proven strategies to start growing your leaders now, and you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Human resources needs to invest training dollars where it counts. Of the $30 billion spent each year on training, only 1/3 of that amount is spent on non-degreed employees, who make up 2/3 of the average workforce. Nearly every business needs to have a plan for bringing its substandard employees up to speed quickly.

While the Human Resources department has much of the control of hiring, both management and the individual can control talent development. Training and developing employees is a two-way street. Let’s talk about what the individuals can do to increase their value to the … Continue reading Talent development – Increase Your Job Value

7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Managing your talent may be one of the most profitable things a business can do. When companies skillfully promote talent with great succession planning, they retain all the costs of the experience and training they’ve put into their people.

To best make this happen, top companies hire expert consultants to focus and simplify their efforts. When planning an executive leadership development program, what credentials should companies look for in these consultants? What skills and attributes will produce the most cost-effective results?

Here are seven points to help you find the expert who can support and guide you in your talent management.

Experience. Moving from management to leadership doesn’t just happen. It takes skilled business leadership coaching to make this important transition smooth and successful. Trust your team to an executive coach who has experience in grooming and training managers to be leaders. Look at who they … Continue reading 7 Steps to Choose a Top Consultant to Manage & Motivate Your Talent

Employee Retention tactics

Employee turnover costs companies millions of dollars in direct cost like recruitment, replacement and training. It also carries a heavy cost in indirect losses of productivity, team disruption, and quality problems.

Evaluate these 21 tactics for attracting the right job seeker and building a strong plan for employee retention.

Image. People want to work at a company with a positive public image. Make sure your organization has that reputation. Market Performance. Workers want to belong to a company with a solid future. Promote your company as such. Recruitment. Make sure your new hire is a good fit. When they understand and buy into the company culture and mission, they are more likely to stay. Selection. New employees want the selection process to be fair and timely. Support your new hires with equitable and prompt selection practices. Job Fit. Work to ensure your job meets the expectations and skills of … Continue reading Employee Retention tactics

Employee Retention & Promotion

Employees want to feel recognized, valued, and engaged. One way to insure you keep valuable employees is to promote them.

In a large company, there may be many places where employees can move up. In smaller companies it may take some planning to reward your employees with a promotion. Here are five steps to help you retain your choice workers by promoting them.

Assess. Who do you have working for you that’s doing a particularly good job? Who are your most vital employees? Take some time to assess their needs, goals and limitations.

Regular feedback will help you discern which employees might be considering leaving. Why would they move on? It could be things outside your control—like health or family. Or it might be factors you can influence—work environment, pay, work hours, or boring work. In addition, a strong and well publicized succession plan will help you avoid … Continue reading Employee Retention & Promotion

Employee Retention Bonus

Businesses hand out retention bonuses to key employees at different times and for different reasons.

Mergers, Takeovers, or Hostile Takeovers.

Merging companies face having two employees for every one job. Who will stay and who will go? The company would like to decide, but smart employees see the handwriting on the wall and go off looking for a new job on their own.

This puts the company at risk that BOTH employees will leave and the gap in management will be detrimental to the company. So they offer retention bonuses.

In this case the bonus serves these purposes:

It’s a strategy to motivate the worker to stay with the company It’s a one-time deal. It’s a show of appreciation for the employee’s talents and experience. Often there is no written contract and no obligation that forces the employee to remain. Sometimes there is a contract that requires the … Continue reading Employee Retention Bonus

Succession Planning System

More than just preparing for attrition, a well-run succession planning system gives you a deep bench of leadership material. Use this three steps system to assess and train your leadership bench.

Assess Leadership Needs.

The first step to your system needs to be evaluating current jobs. What are the qualities associated with these jobs? What would the perfect candidate look like?

Make a list of leadership skills. They might include, communication, decision making, strategizing, team building, and on to the specific technical skills and knowledge demanded by the job.

Prioritize these skills and choose about 5 core competencies. Then evaluate the jobs themselves to see which are most mission critical. These are the jobs it’s most important to have a succession plan in place for.

Review potential leaders.

Take a careful look at your mid-range management. Evaluate their talents and skills. Which skills do they currently … Continue reading Succession Planning System