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Three Executive Book Summaries – Joel Garfinkle’s Leadership Books

If you’re like the majority of Americans, your career comes second only to your family. It’s not only the source of your financial livelihood, but it is also a source of personal pride. Being recognized as an invaluable resource for your organization not only fills your wallet, but also fulfills your soul. With so many career advancement and job satisfaction books on the market, executive book summaries help you determine which book is going to truly transform your career. As a busy professional, you don’t have time to waste reading executive books that have little to no value. Read these summaries of Joel Garfinkle’s executive books, Getting Ahead, Executive Presence, and Time Management Mastery to get a taste of the wealth of knowledge packed into each one.

Getting Ahead:

In his new book, Getting Ahead, Joel Garfinkle shares the three critical facets to climbing the corporate ladder–Perception, Visibility and Influence. Dubbed the PVI model, Garfinkle uses a combination of real-world examples, practical advice, and action-oriented tips to bring this career-advancing strategy to life. This isn’t just theoretical knowledge; in Getting Ahead you receive real, effective executive coaching tools you can immediately put to use to improve your professional image, enhance your profile throughout your organization and become an inspirational driver of change for the entire organization. Using Garfinkle’s strategies, you become an invaluable resource for your company that gets noticed for your contributions, rather than being just another cog in the organizational machine.

In Getting Ahead you’ll find:

  • The four steps of the perception management process.
  • A detailed guide, complete with actionable steps, to becoming a master influencer.
  • Tools for identifying and recruiting advocates who will go to bat for you.
  • Ways to determine which mindsets are holding back your career advancement.
  • Directions for identifying leadership opportunities within your organization.
  • Techniques to get your name on the tip of management’s tongue, so your efforts are acknowledged and appreciated.
  • And much more!

Buy Getting Ahead now to kickstart your career, or download a sample chapter to learn more!

Executive Presence:

In Joel Garfinkle’s Executive Presence, you’ll learn how to become a more effective executive by honing your executive leadership skills. To develop your personal executive presence, Garfinkle gives you the sixteen characteristics needed to become your organization’s most influential business leader. These characteristics are divided into five categories:

  • Business intelligence,
  • Risk-taking,
  • Interpersonal relationships,
  • Performance improvement, and
  • Self-development

Nestled in the pages of Executive Presence, you will find the confidence and insight you need to set yourself apart from your co-workers. With real life examples that bring these skills to life and exercises to practice your new knowledge, Executive Presence is a priceless tool that will take your career to the next level. This book is a blueprint to developing your confidence as a business leader and gaining the respect of other organizational members. All doubts about your abilities and advancement potential will be dispelled after you implement the techniques found in Executive Presence.

Read Joel Garfinkle’s Executive Presence for the skills you need to advance confidently up the corporate ladder.

Time Management Mastery:

Time is our most valuable resource. By implementing the strategies in Joel Garfinkle’s Time Management Mastery book, you’ll reduce the long hours you work while also reducing the amount of stress that is negatively affecting both your personal and professional life. In Time Management Mastery, you’ll learn to effectively manage your time and achieve the success you deserve! In order to truly master time management, Garfinkle teaches you:

  • How to determine what is most important,
  • How to create an action plan,
  • Methods to ensure you accomplish the most important tasks first,
  • Four ways to say no at work,
  • How to plan for efficiency,
  • Ways to avoid time traps and prevent procrastination,
  • Methods for planning and completing projects effectively,
  • The top 10 ways to set boundaries,
  • The top 5 ways to reduce your workload,
  • And much, much more!

Do you have trouble balancing your work-life schedule? Do you wish there were more hours in a day? Do you feel like the harder you work the more people pile on the work? Do you want to be admired for your productivity within your organization? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need Time Management Mastery. Buy Time Management Mastery now and take control of your most valuable resource.