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Use Books on Tape to Capture Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

As the work environment becomes ever more competitive, resourceful executives look for ways to maximize their efficiency. Those who break ahead of the pack, learn to effectively use the 24 hours they have.

Because you value life balance books on tape, podcasts, and ipods become the ultimate solution to keep your competitive advantage. Here are six ways audio learning benefits you.

  1. Helps Balance Your Lifestyle. You know you have to exercise to stay fit. But the demands of work tend to push that to the back burner. When you take advantage of audio learning, you can reap two benefits at the same time.Go jogging and still be adding to your skill sets. Lay by the pool and learn. Take a lunchtime stroll with a podcast. When your body is active or relaxed, you will absorb information. That information can spark ideas for greater productivity.
  2. Fits a Busy Life. With all you are expected to do each day, anytime you can multitask you are ahead. Books on tape leave your hands free. On long commutes or when you get stuck in traffic you won’t feel frustrated if you have an iPod. Instead, you’ll take pleasure in knowing you’re using your time wisely and gaining a competitive advantage.
  3. Promotes Life-Long Learning. Increasingly there’s a need for executives to be adaptable and ever-learning in order to stay ahead. While there are many ways for people to educate themselves, audio learning offers one of the easiest solutions.You get the right information delivered at the right time and in the right place. You don’t need to sit in a classroom or fly to a seminar. Often all information you need is available in audio format.
  4. Gain Individualized Learning. Busy executives constantly need to expand their knowledge, perspective, and skills. It’s essential if they want to keep their competitive edge. But each executive needs their own unique training. When they are promoted, when they get a new task, their need for learning changes.The vast library of books on tape, podcasts and ipods make it easy for the professional to choose the information that fits his specific need at this particular time.
  5. Strengthen Your Mental Acuity. Studies show that reading or listening to books increases reasoning skills, enlarges your vocabulary, and improves concentration and focus. As you read or listen to books your knowledge expands and your ability to form new associations increases. As you process information on one topic, it may lead to finding solutions to other problems as well.
  6. Accelerates Your Progress. Your knowledge base broadens when you have access to a library of books on tape or podcasts.  Because they can be accessed any time or any place, you gain a competitive advantage. Traveling? Listen as you wait to go through security.  Lounge and listen.  Take up the tedium of travel time learning and sharpening your skills. While your competitor wastes time, you’ve read an entire book in one trip.

Make yourself more valuable to your company. Increase your ability in every business area. Gain the competitive advantage to perform at a higher level than others in your same industry as you hone your skills through books on tape.

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